What do you tip in Germany?

... all a requirement. The German rules are that tax and service is included in the bill. Recently, AFP has reported that many restaurants and bars in Berlin have been writing “Tip not included” on bills they hand out to foreign customers. Some restaurants have defended it, saying that tips from tourists have dramatically decreased recently, but it is a questionable practice. Stick to the roughly 10% – if you liked the meal and service. If it is just a coffee, for example, I often...
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Restaurant Kuchen Kaiser

... – although it’s not really it’s own. Founded in 1866 at the site it is now, Kuchen Kaiser was a large bakery/cafe which had Berlin’s first ammonia refrigerator and it’s first revolving door – out of which many customers and staff had to be rescued. It was also the proud owner of the first specially designed delivery car in 1904… but that blew up in front of the house. The restaurant’s delivery vans acted as ambulances in World War One, it’s cakes...
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60th Anniversary of the Luftbruecke

Today, May 12th, marks the 60th anniversary of the end of Berlin’s Airlift. From June 1948 until May 1949, West Berlin was sliced off the rail and road supply lines by the Soviet Union, which was trying to gain control of the rest of the German capital. In a momentous effort of infrastructure and logistics, the Allies flew enough food into the city to keep the population going – over 200,000 flights kept this first act of the Cold War in check. In celebration, today Tempelhof Airport...
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The Ankerklause: Cafe Bar of Nautical Kitsch

I only just realised I’ve been writing here for a year and have completely failed to cover one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks – Die Ankerklause. This cafe/bar lies just south of Kottbusser Tor, right on the Landwehrkanal and is almost an institution. It’s a place you can still find that grungy Berlin feel, a place that hasn’t changed or gentrified over the last decade, and a place that is still one of the most popular destinations on a sunny day for people who just...
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The Siegess

It is one of the more well known of Berlin’s landmarks – a tall column topped with a golden winged Goddess of Victory. The Siegess ...
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