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London — By Andrea Kirkby on January 27, 2010 at 1:08 pm
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Travel baggage – a follow-up

I posted a while back about PacSafe’s great camera bags, which look like smart bags rather than screaming ‘I’m a tourist!’ or ‘Camera to steal inside!’  I decided to find out a little bit more about PacSafe and the products they offer. So I asked Elodie Pequinot at PacSafe to tell me a bit more about the company.

Keep your gear safe as houses!

- Can you give me a little overview of Pacsafe, how long you’ve been going and how many of you there are, and where we can get your products?

Pacsafe® was launched in 1998 by two Australians who had previously sailed around the world and backpacked through over 80 countries. The original product (the PacSafe 85 backpack and bag protector) won the prestigious “Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice” Award in 1999 which helped launch the first travel brand focused on travel security. Based in Hong Kong, Pacsafe® now boasts over 150 innovative “anti-theft” travel bags and travel accessories which can now be purchased in around 35 countries worldwide.

Pacsafe® is designed by people who have a passion for travel. We love to tear up the map, head off the beaten track and immerse ourselves in new and foreign surroundings. We believe that when your gear’s secure, you can do more by being more confident and having peace of mind.

I’ve often been frustrated by the fact that a lot of travel gear is designed for adventure travel up the Orinoco, and sticks out like a sore thumb when you’re in town. Can you talk to me about designing good travel gear for urban travel – what’s important; colour range? size? style?

Colours, sizes, and style are all important to the urban traveler so Pacsafe® provides a variety of different looks and functions depending on where you’re travelling. The Pacsafe® customer is savvy and adventurous and typically wants to fit in with their surroundings. They are also conscious or aware that bags that shout “I’m a tourist” may draw unwanted attention. Therefore our “urban” designs/colours are more conservative but also practical so they can be used for sightseeing during the day and dining out in the evening.

Again, I find it frustrating that some places seem to think that only men travel anywhere. I was glad to see your stylish women’s travel gear.Do you have women designing / testing your gear? What are the chief priorities when you’re designing new products for women? (And I’m very, very glad that it’s not all in pink!!)

All our women’s bags are designed and tested by women who travel frequently. We involve our female friends, customers, retailers and distributors in the feedback and testing process. Women tend to feel more vulnerable to theft when travelling, however they want to have gear that looks good too! Colours need to match (or not clash with) outfits and size needs accommodate everything but the kitchen sink (but in the smallest possible space). The organization and security features all need to be convenient and easy to use.

Do you have any basic security advice for the urban traveller, particularly the photographer – how to stay out of trouble and keep your gear safe?

Often theft can happen when you least expect it or most relaxed. The “Snatchproof” straps/cables and the “tamperproof” zippers are compartments are designed to be practical and easy to use so they become an effortless part of travelling. It is common for photographers (amateur and professional) to put down their bags and/or leave them open when taking pictures. When looking through the viewfinder or lens, you are not looking at your belongings and thus they become an easy target. Same applies when strolling through marketplaces, snoozing on a train or enjoying some street side dining. Simply securing your zippers closed and anchoring your bag to you or a fixture within reach, allows you to enjoy the experience and prevents opportunistic theft.

Photo by Horia Varlan at flickr

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