Stargazing at the Heavens

Stargazing at the Heavens
... even get a chance to see the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle on one of its final missions or the Hubble telescope fly by. The UM astronomy Observatory was opened in 1963, but sadly, the growing lights of the Washington DC area has caused the center to be virtually useless for professional astronomical research.¬† But it’s still used by the university’s astronomy students. The first compound telescope (using two lenses) was initially developed for commercial use in 1608...
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Perseids in Manila

... dinner  beside an unobstructed view of the sky. So make a wish Manila. Tonight is the night to catch that shooting star. Tags: Announcements, astronomy, Meteor shower ...
August 12th, 2009 | themanilaguide | Read More | Comments: 1
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