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London — By Andrea Kirkby on November 18, 2009 at 1:29 pm
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Photos of strange interiors – last few days

Anne Hardy takes photos of strange interior landscapes, full of intriguing objects.  Each one suggests a story – it’s a space that might belong to some interesting and eccentic person, some unseen inhabitant. Or it might be an office, or a factory, though what it’s making, you can’t be sure.


One room is dominated by alphabets – letters applied to the wall, rubber stamp letters on shelves, letters on the whiteboard. Another looks like part of a space station that’s been left to rot, or a stage for an Expressionist drama. A third shows the space dominated by house plants – a flat belonging to a gardener? a jungle? a shopfront?

Each photo is full of detail. A dartboard, an overturned chair, the marks of masking tape on a black floor – each detail seems to tell a tale. Out of all these clues we have to make a detective story.

Some of the scenes are cute, warm, welcoming. Others are stylised and strange. And a few are almost threatening, sparse and weird. Not a single photo is  ‘just’ a photo – they all have a definite feeling, not always a comfortable one.

Someone has just left the room. Or, in some of them, perhaps the last inhabitants left a long time ago. Perhaps we’re in a deserted world. (One of the photos definitely reminds me of those Doctor Who episodes where the Tardis arrives on a deserted spaceship – no one around – but we know there’s a mystery to be solved, a threat to be defused.)

Apparently most of the objects in the photos are collected out of the trash – sometimes out of skips on the streets of East London, where the artist lives. That’s another layer of interest to the work – though not, I think, the main interest.

I find Anne Hardy’s work strangely compulsive – it seems to me she’s a short story writer working with photographs instead of words. This is her second show at the Maureen Paley gallery [map], and it’s definitely worth catching.

Where: Maureen Paley Gallery, 21 Herald Street, E2 6JT (Bethnal Green tube)

When: Wed-Sat, 11-6 and by appointment

Photo by We Make Money Not Art/Regine Debatty, on flickr

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