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Barcelona — By thebarcelonaguide on July 12, 2009 at 11:29 am

Spanish Drinks – Summer drinks to refresh!

I’ve got two fans going day and night in my house in Barcelona, and depending on where I am in the flat, I position the fans accordingly. This summer has started off with a heat wave which has left many folks feeling tired, sweaty and in need of a siesta and a cold one.

Spanish Drinks

Spanish Drinks

Of course ,when we think Spanish drinks, we think sangria. It makes sense that sangria would be a popular summer drink in Spain, as it is fruity, cold, cheap to make and usually pretty strong. However, I’d wager that sangria is more popular with tourists than it is with locals in Barcelona, and in most spots it’s hard to get a good sangria that won’t give you a crippling headache the next morning.

Another refreshing Spanish / Barcelonesa drink is cava. Like champagne, cava is bubbly, delicious and refreshing. All bars and most restaurants serve cava in Barcelona and a cup goes for €2 and up.

A clara is also a fabulous summer drink option. Claras are beers mixed with lemon soda, which sounds hideous but has turned out to be one my preferred beverages. It’s not as heavy (or as strong) as a beer and is nice with tapas or by itself. €1.50 and up.

Try these summertime Spanish drinks at Andú (Correo Viejo 3) or Filferro (C/ Sant carles 29)!