Welcome to our new Gigs page. This is a trial and any of the terms of this new program may change over the next few weeks as we gather your feedback. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and willingness to help us evolve this portal.

A gig is a single article assignment that PlanetEye will pay in a similar way that it pays for its current “Top Features”. Each assignment is carefully considered based on the needs of our clients and partners and is expected to comply with the following general characteristics:

  • Approximately 1,000 words
  • Theme and intended audience will be explicitly defined. We expect some research and proper targeting
  • In many cases a particular destination will be targeted and preference will be given to those writers that have first hand knowledge of the area, as locals or tourists.
  • Advanced geolocation features will be used across these assignments. This may require additional edits to your writing to be done by the PlanetEye team.
  • Specific keywords will be supplied to be used in the article and as tags.
  • Higher editorial standards will be enforced for which we’ll make a general style guide available.

If you’re ready to participate, read the list below and ‘reply‘ to any assignment you feel capable of delivering. We plan to post new assignments at a rate of up to 10 per week, so you may want to subscribe to this page so you’re notified when new assignments become available. Please do not volunteer for more than one assignment at a time, but feel free to apply to new ones if you become available.

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