Danau Golf Club UKM

Danau Golf Club UKM

Danau Golf Club which is located within the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) campus in Bangi is one of my favourite golf courses where I regularly play, partly due to its affiliation with my home club Port Dickson Golf and Country Club. But there is another reason why I like to play at Danau. The buggy is allowed on the fairways, which is a big plus for not-so-fit golfer like me since Danau golf course has comparatively wide fairways compared to other courses I have played at. Danau Golf Club...
December 16th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More
MHmobile: Book MAS flights on your mobile phones

MHmobile: Book MAS flights on your mobile phones

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) had just introduced an innovative and convenient service that allows its customers to book, pay, check-in and board their flights using their mobile phones. Called MHmobile, the new mobile online facility also allows customers to receive a 2D boarding pass after they have checked-in (via mobile phone). Also known as flymas.mobi, MHmobile is a joint development effort between MAS and SITA Lab, which is part of SITA, a company that specialises in air transport communication...
December 9th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More
PGA Tour coming to Malaysia in 2010

PGA Tour coming to Malaysia in 2010

The prestigious golf tournament PGA Tour is coming to Malaysia next year and The Mines Resort and Golf Club in Selangor will be hosting the inaugural game in 2010. Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak made the announcement yesterday at the official launch of the Asia Pacific Golf Classic Malaysia. With the total prize money of US$6 million where the winner of the competition will walk home with US$1 million, the Malaysia leg of the PGA Tour will be offering the largest prize purse...
December 8th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More
Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha

The Kuala Lumpur Traveler would like to wish all Moslems a very happy and blessed Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) which will fall on Friday 27th November 2009. Eid al-Adha is a religious holiday celebrated by all Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Prophet Ismael as an act of obedience to Allah the Al-Mighty. Eid al-Adha occurs the day after the pilgrims performing Haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims worldwide,...
November 25th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More
Kuala Lumpur PC Fair 2009

Kuala Lumpur PC Fair 2009

The Kuala Lumpur’s final leg of this year’s Pikom PC Fair 2009 will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, which is located next to the famous Kuala Lumpur City Center, (map) from 4th – 6th Dec 2009. Kuala Lumpur city folks will definitely not miss this opportunity to visit the bargain booths at this Information Technology (IT) exposition that had attracted increasingly more and more crowds, both the exhibitors and the visitors. Due to the increasing number of visitors to...
November 19th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More
Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS)

Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS)

Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) is a huge agro-based exposition complex managed by Marditech which is located in Serdang, not very far from University Putra Malaysia, the country’s only and leading agricultural-technology-based tertiary institution. While Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism 2008 (MAHA 2008) is the signature event held annually at MAEPS, the exposition venue also offers a multitude of other attractions and facilities that makes it attractive for...
November 14th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

PlanetEye launched new online travel magazine PlanetEye Traveler

.PlanetEye recently launched a new online travel magazine called PlanetEye Traveler. The Kuala Lumpur Traveler is proud to be part of this new online travel portal that would further promote Kuala Lumpur as one of leading travel destinations in the world wide web. PlanetEye Traveler consolidates all PlanetEye existing travel blog feeds and present all the travel related posts in a new exciting travel magazine format, making it easier for online travel information seekers to get all travel related...
November 10th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur, Rest of the World | Read More

Kelantan Golf and Country Club

During my long Aidil Fitri holiday in Kota Bharu last week, I managed to play a round of golf with some holidaying friends at the Kelantan Golf and Country Club (KGCC) in Pengkalan Chepa. KGCC is quite a flat course compared to some other golf courses I have played at before but dont be fooled by the simplicity of the course layout. Even with relatively wide fairways, KGCC still offers a lot of good challenges even for regular players at KGCC. Almost all holes have some kind of water hazards to make...
September 27th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Salam Aidil Fitri

The Kuala Lumpur Traveler wishes all Muslims, especially the readers of this blog, a very Happy Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. May Allah grant us another opportunity to experience another month of Ramadhan and celebrate another Aidil Fitri next year. Amin. Tags: Aidil Fitri, islam
September 27th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Bagan Pinang by-election on Sunday 11th October 2009

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) had announced that Bagan Pinang by-election will be held on 11th October 2009 where as the nomination day had been fixed on 3rd October 2009. One interesting fact to notice here, the by-election for Bagan Pinang, a BN-controlled state seat in Negeri Sembilan, had been fixed on a Sunday, which is a non-working day. Compare this upcoming by-election to previous few by-elections in PR-controlled seats. For example, the most recent Manik Urai by-election was held on a weekday....
September 15th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Suhakam: A human right body that has no right

When Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) was formed by the Malaysian Government 10 years ago, a lot of Malaysians were hopeful. Although many were sceptical on its ability to function due to its limited power, at least there was an organization which could help fight for human rights in Malaysia. 10 years after, Suhakam proved to be almost a total failure despite having done a lot during the last 10 years. It has done a lot of things but had achieved nothing. What a sorry state of a human right...
September 9th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

AlFatihah: State Assemblyperson Azman Mohd Noor passed away

Barisan Nasional’s Bagan Pinang state assemblyperson Azman Mohd Noor, 54, passed away 2.30pm today at the Seremban Specialist Centre, due to heart attack. Bagan Pinang is one of the five state seats under the Teluk Kemang parliamentary seat in Negeri Sembilan. Azman’s death has paved the way for the 9th by-election since the March 2008 general election. Bagan Pinang state seat however has been a safe seat for Barisan Nasional for many elections. In the last general election, Azman Mohd...
September 4th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Blessed Ramadhan

This blog had been very quite lately due to other commitments and I apologize for not writing much. Anyway, I would like to wish a blessed Ramadhan for all Muslim readers of this blog. May Allah grant ‘hidayah’ to all of us during this fasting month that has in it a very special night called Laitul Qadar where all ibadah are rewarded aplenty more. Salam Ramadhan! Tags: islam, Ramadhan
August 23rd, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Internet: The last frontier to be conquered by BN?

After the last political tsunami that had caused the BN Government to lose dearly in several states, much had been said about how new online media had played its role in countering media propaganda launched by the power that be. Through the same controlled media, the government reluctantly admitted how it could not defend itself from the mainly pro-opposition blog sites that had sprawled like mushrooms after a rain. So much so, many BN politicians had jumped on to the band wagon and setup their own...
August 8th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Permatang Pasir state assemblyperson dies: Another by-election coming

“From Allah we come, and to Allah we return.”…. PAS’s Permatang Pasir State Assemblyperson Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman had passed away at the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur due to heart problem. It looks like another by-election is coming too Permatang Pasir, which is one of three state seats in PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim’s Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency. The upcoming by-election will be another chance for UMNO Baru and BN to prove their popularity theory...
July 31st, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

If Pak Lah is serious about abolishment of ISA….

Malaysiakini reported on 17th July 2009: “As a former home minister, I had signed numerous ISA detention orders, and with the government reviewing the law now, I feel compelled to give my honest view on the matter,” he explained. [...]“Whether we like it or not, the ISA has been stigmatised as a negative element to the agenda of strengthening democracy and renewal in the country. “So, this calls for the government to be brave to discard the old and open a new chapter,”...
July 30th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Halal Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur: Zenith Restaurant now has a website

Zenith Restaurant, one of the halal Chinese food restaurants in Kuala Lumpur now has its own website, which is very handy. Halal Chinese food lovers in Kuala Lumpur can now check out the website and find out what foods are actually offered on the menus which is now available on-line. Maybe, the owner of Zenith Restaurant, Haslinda Sim Abdullah, would consider taking order online in the near future? Zenith Restaurant Block B 3-LG-1 Jalan 1/125 E Megan Corporate Park Taman Desa Petaling 57100 Kuala...
July 27th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Teoh Beng Hock’s death: 1Malaysia Royal Commission another whitewash?

Pisang berbuah berkali-kali (literally, banana trees bear fruits many times) … that’s how I can describe the Royal Commission just announced by 1Malaysia Government in relation to Teoh Beng Hock’s death. Teoh Beng Hock, claimed to be only investigated as a witness by MACC, had mysteriously died while on the custody of MACC. After much pressure and ding-dong, the 1Malaysia Government finally bowed to pressure to establish a royal commission, but only making fool out of themselves. The...
July 24th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

Al Fatihah to Captain Yusof Ahmad a.k.a The Ancient Mariner

Six days ago, his mother passed away. Who would have thought that Capt Yusof would follow suit while his mother’s grave is still wet. His departure is a big shock to his family members and many of us, but Allah loves him more. May his soul rest in peace.. Al Fatihah. Tags: General
July 19th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

MACC…. another failure for 1Malaysia?

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had again proved itself that it is not the anti-corruption body for 1Malaysia. But instead, MACC had proven itself as the anti-corruption body for 1Malaysia-Opposition. MACC, first, enthusiastically sprang into action on Selangor’s Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim over the maintenance of his personal car and the distribution of cows to mosques at his Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency which immediately earned its reputation as Malaysian Anti...
July 19th, 2009 | Kuala Lumpur | Read More

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