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Former PlanetEye GlobalNomad applies for Ultimate Travel Job!

Former PlanetEye GlobalNomad applies for Ultimate Travel Job!
Just when you thought that writing for PlanetEye was already the best job in the world… The Irish wedding and honeymoon-focused travel agency has sponsored a competition to win the “Ultimate Job In Ireland (and Probably the World)”: globetrot the world for six...
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A.F.R.s: Turkish Archaeology 101

A.F.R.s: Turkish Archaeology 101
Actually, I have no intention of even trying to sum up Turkey’s long and bewildering history—I’ll leave that to a long plane or bus ride and a good guidebook. However, as pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll give you a visual smattering of the kinds of sites you’re likely to see in the...
March 4th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

The Disappearing Nomad

A quick apology from the Global Nomad for disappearing there for a bit–the World Tour is coming to an end a little more abruptly than planned, for reasons that will become clear in a few posts! In the meantime I have some catching up to do with a few more Turkey posts, and then it’s on to...
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Whirling Dervish Central: Konya, Turkey

When I was about 12 years old, my mother brought me to a poetry recital. Normally, this would have been a fairly painful experience for a 12-year-old, but this one was different: it was a recitation—accompanied by Indian tabla and tambura to set a meditative mood—by none other than author Robert...
February 16th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

Scrubbed, Pummeled and Sweaty: the Hammam Turkish Bath Experience

Scrubbed, Pummeled and Sweaty: the Hammam Turkish Bath Experience
A mandatory Turkish experience in Turkey is to partake in one of the oldest rituals in Turkey, the Turkish bath. Found all over the Middle East, the Hammam experience isn’t exactly your gentle spa experience. First of all, your aesthetician most often resembles a hairy heavyweight wrestler. But I’m...
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Kaş: Turkey’s Mediterranean Playground

The stylish, whitewashed beach towns of the Greek Islands are world-renowned as playgrounds of the tanned über-hip Euro-riche, but somewhat less-well known (to North Americans at least) are the sun-baked shores of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Equally as hip and just as starkly beautiful as their...
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Natural Turkish Air Conditioning

In the heat of the summer, Turkey can reach unbearable temperatures. And since the scorching weather isn’t anything new, Middle Eastern architects have been using ingenious ways to stay cool for centuries. From tall walls and small windows to maximize shade, to wind towers that suck hot air out with...
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The Chimaera: the video

January 26th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

The Chimaera

One of the strangest natural phenomena I’ve ever seen is Turkey’s bizarre Chimaera, a hillside pockmarked with flames coming out of the ground. Seriously. No, this is not some volcanic phenomenon we’re talking about, but a clean flame, as if there were some huge barbecue running under the hill....
January 24th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

Cappadocia Ballooning

Cappadocia Ballooning
Easily the best way to see the otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia is from a balloon—and ballooning here is now so popular as to have become de rigueur. There are several operations that run ballooning trips, everything from a quick up-and-down packed into a basket with a big crowd to four hours...
January 19th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

Cappadocia: the world’s most famous troglodytes

One of the most famous landscapes in the world, Cappadocia (pronounced like the Turkish spelling, Kapadokya) is a huge, arid Dr. Seuss-meets-bad-acid-trip region of fairy chimneys, knife-sharp gullies and scalloped hillsides. The result of millennia of rain and wind eroding what was once a lava-covered...
January 14th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

Great Salt Flats of the world: Tuz Gölü

Massive Lake Tuz, the largest salt lake in Turkey, is one of those eerie places where you wonder if you’re still on earth. For much of the year the “lake” (technically an endorheic basin ) is actually a flat, arid, blinding white plain of salt; water flows in, but since there is no river draining...
January 9th, 2009 | Global Nomad | Read More

Destination: Turkey

Yes, that’s right we have bid Latin America adieu and managed to speed halfway around the world to the dividing point between Asia and Europe: Turkey. At once familiar and exotic, for many westerners Turkey seems contradictory (for Melanie, whose exposure to Islam was of a more conservative variety,...
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Galapagos Wildlife vol.6: for the birds

A few of my favourite bird shots from the Galapagos. Enjoy! Wishing you all a happy new year Brendan the Global Nomad
December 31st, 2008 | Global Nomad | Read More

Galapagos Wildlife vol.5: Albatross action

The waved albatross is a Galapagos resident not everyone gets to see the way we did–it breeds only in one place in the world: Española island; it’s only around during mating and hatching season, after which it flies famously unstoppingly to a single spot off the coast of Peru.
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Galapagos Wildlife vol. 4: frigatebirds

During mating season, male frigatebirds  have a bright red sac under their chin that they inflate to attract a mate. Although I’ve seen many of these birds all over Latin America, I’ve never seen them with the sac blown up like this…and certainly not nearly this close!
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Galapagos Wildlife vol. 4: penguins!

One of the great thrills of snorkeling in the Galapagos is the chance to swim with penguins (and sharks and sea lions, etc). My girlfriend is not the most comfortable swimmer but having a whole school of penguins whiz by us as we flippered along like a series of darts made it all worth it. The Galapagos...
December 21st, 2008 | Global Nomad | Read More

Galapagos Wildlife vol. 3: Marine Iguanas

Long ago I remember seeing a National Geographic film with footage of iguanas swimming underwater and I almost couldn’t believe it. Who knew I’d be photographing them years later? Existing only in the Galapagos and nowhere else, Marine Iguanas are one of those bizarre adaptions that made...
December 17th, 2008 | Global Nomad | Read More

The big booby video

check it out
December 14th, 2008 | Global Nomad | Read More

Galapagos Wildlife vol. 2: Boobies!

…and who doesn’t love boobies? Vying for the title of most characteristic animal in the Galapagos is the glorious booby (boy, I wish I was making that up). There are many different types of booby, but the most famous—for reasons that will follow—is the blue-footed booby. Aside from their...
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