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Ironwood Grille Welcomes Chef Gordon Maybury

I’m not sure what we see more of — restaurants opening and closing or chefs shuffling around? Whatever the case, it’s quite the feat keeping on top of the changes. Some are exciting, others not so much, but this recent change is going to add some pizazz to Palm Beach Gardens.

Chef Gordon Maybury

Ironwood Grill, the contemporary steakhouse inside PGA National has been full of changes these past few months. First Top Chef alum Kenny Gilbert made a brief appearance, but before I could even get in, he had come and was gone. However strange as it may be, it came at a perfect time as it left room for the new Executive Chef Gordon Maybury to slip in.

Maybury comes to PGA National after spending time at the Loews in Miami Beach and New York’s Peninsula Hotel — and he now he plans to work his magic and treat the patrons of PGA National to his culinary wonders. Goodbye to a boring menu and hello to the addition of enticing Floribbean flavors to a standard steakhouse menu.

Stone Crab Salad

While you will have to wait until early 2011 when he rolls out the new menu, I was lucky enough to be invited in to get a little preview, and I was quite impressed. (There was a time when I swore I wouldn’t be back to this restaurant after one too many mediocre meals, so it was exciting to see this welcome change.) On his new menu, you can be assured that Chef Maybury will take advantage of the best of the season. Some samples dishes that we tried included a Roast Pumpkin Soup with curry-lime yogurt; a Salad of Roots and Fruits (see recipe), Pan Seared Crab Cakes with chipotle aioli, tomatilla salsa and jam; and Pan Seared Scallops with sweet potato, wheat berries and fig jus — and the Stone Crab Salad (pictured above) with watermelon, avocado, white anchovies and blood oranges will also appear on the new menu.

The revamping of the menu is just the first of many changes that Maybury has planned for the resort (a small Irish pub is also in the works). So stay tuned, and it’s time to give Ironwood another shot.

For those of you who can’t wait, you may be able to get a taste of his new menu, as these items will appear in the nightly specials.

Ironwood Grille is located at PGA National, 400 Avenue of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens; 561-627-2000

Photos provided by Ironwood Grille.

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