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Taking Memphis in Stride with Rockin’ Running Tours

“It’s really a great thing,” comments John Linter, owner and guide of Rockin’ Running Tours in Memphis, Tenn. “We feel like we are showing people the real deal…the way Memphis really is from the street level.”

Linter was introduced to running tourism (or site jogging) by his wife, Crissy, who in turn was told about this “new adventure” by a friend. Since Linter is an avid runner (as well as an AFAA certified personal trainer), he thought it was a cool idea to bring to the area. In April 2010, the Rockin’ Running Tours began.

And the timing couldn’t have be better. As people work toward establishing healthier lifestyles, the tours are a way they can stay on course while traveling.

Offering four jogging routes, two are established tours while the other two routes are a little more flexible.

The Rockin’ Downtown Loop (either three- or six-miles) begins at Peabody Hotel (map), and takes runners on a route highlighting the well-known sites and landmarks of downtown Memphis. This includes the National Civil Rights Museum (map) and traveling down the famous Beale Street. On the six-mile run,  Sun Studio (map) and Victorian Village are added. The ending, says Linter, is beautiful.

“We end the run on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. You can look down and see I-55 to St. Louis, Mo., and I-40 to Little Rock, Ark.”

The Midtown Hipster Run is great for runners who want to see a different part of Memphis.

“While downtown is great, midtown is Memphis,” says Linter.

The run (either three- or six-mile) goes through a number neighborhoods and communities like Central Gardens, and Evergreen Historic District.

The other two options feature a basic run that is great for those on tight schedules, and a customize run. The customize run can appeal to runners who might be in training for an upcoming marathon, or who want to develop their run a little more.

Linter stresses these are running tours, while they won’t turn away people who don’t run, there’s no walking. However, they can do jogging intervals.

“We don’t rush people, but we keep it upbeat.”

“We aren’t militant about how fast you run, but militant about safety and having fun. We want the tour to be unique and fun for the individual.”

The cost is $15/person for a three-mile run, with $5 for ever additional mile. So, a six-mile run will cost you $30. Included in the price is a tee-shirt, photos, five-minute cool down stretch, bottled water and fruit.

Running tours are given Tuesday – Sunday, 5:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. Pre-booking is required.

“These are up-close and personal tours,” says Linter. “We provide runners not only with the history of the city, but also what’s happening now. We’ll let them know what’s happening tonight or the weekend as well.”

photo credit: Both photos are courtesy of Rockin’ Running Tours. (top right) Tour guide John Lintner and runner Lauren Hannaford at FedExForum. (middle left) Tour participants David Hastings and Carrie Hinners pose in front of a statue of Elvis Presley along the Rockin’ Downtown Loop.

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