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London — By Andrea Kirkby on August 15, 2010 at 4:22 pm
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Baker Street Tube: Sherlock Holmes Teasers

The Underground isn’t just a way to get around; sometimes it can be an educational experience, or an artistic one. There’s Eduardo Paolozzi’s multicolour mosaic at Tottenham Court Road, for instance – or if you stop at Baker Street, a chance to acquaint yourself with Sherlock Holmes.

What I love about these posters is that they don’t quite tell you the whole story. There’s a picture, and there’s a very brief paragraph which is just enough to get you interested – but not quite enough to spoil the real thing. On this one, the description ends “They await developments…” You’ll have to go and buy the book if you want to find out more!

Upstairs, the ticket hall is decorated with repeated little silhouettes of Sherlock in different colours, all feeling a little bit Andy Warhol.

By the way, a bit of trivia for you: according to Wikipedia, Baker Street has more platforms (ten) than any other station on the Tube. Bet you didn’t know that!

Picture by Andrea Kirkby

Tags: featuredarticle, history, literature, Tours

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