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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on August 9, 2010 at 1:12 pm
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Five Cafes to Get Some Work Done during the Festival

If you’re looking to have a business meeting or just get out of the house and get some work done in a cafe during the month of August in Edinburgh, good luck.  Many of the best cafes are near the large festival venues, but even if not almost all of the streets in the Old Town and Princes Street see a huge amount of food traffic this month.

So what’s one to do – pack up and head south?  Well, you don’t have to do necessarily do that.  I’ve got five recommendations for cafes to get some work done without dealing with massive crowds.

Beanscene Haymarket

Beanscene has a couple of locations in Edinburgh, but the Haymarket venue (map) is one of the best to get some work done – because it’s not really near any sort of attractions and it’s on a fairly busy street, the folks that drop in here are mostly workers and those just looking to read a book with a nice cup of joe.  The wifi is free, but only for limited time – you’ll get an access code when you pay.  There aren’t many fringe venues in this area, so you’ll be able to work in peace.

Easy Internet Cafe

Not exactly ideal for those with a laptop, but it’s still a decent option.  Hidden away on Rose Street (map), the cafe has a bazillion (perhaps an exaggeration), and each station has plenty of space to spread out papers and what not.  People seem to go in here and do their Facebook or their homework, so I find it usually very quiet even when full.


Centotre (map)  is always a hot spot for business meetings and entrepreneur workspace.  If you like to work in a “busy” environment – you know the type, the background noise), then Centotre will be great for you.  Centotre’s sweet spot is the evening meal, but during the early morning and early afternoon, but there’s usually a spare table perfect for a latte and a laptop.
More Infowww.centotre.com

Cafe Renroc

Renroc (‘corner’ spelled backwards) is one of my favourite city cafes.  Hidden away at the top of Leith (map), it has lots of great food, great beer – NOT good for productivity – and nice coffee.  On a sunny day you can usually nab a table outside as well.  It isn’t a big place so it can typically get full at the height of the lunch rush, but generally you can find a spare table without an issue otherwise.
More Info: www.renroc.co.uk

Tea Tree Tea

Tea Tree Tea (map) is a relatively new cafe to the Edinburgh scene, on a sidestreet in between Edinburgh’s Grassmarket and Tollcross.   It seems like an unlikely location, but it’s got free Wifi and a few places to sit.  It’s a bright and colourful place, which can be really nice to inject some creativity into your business.
More Infowww.teatreetea.com

Photo by Dream in the Dark of the Day

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  • Alastair says:

    Tea Tree Tea is actually 2 years old and not very new at all.

  • The Black Medicine Coffee Company comes highly recommended. Their flagship store on Nicholson St is likely to be rammed throughout the festival, but they have two quieter alternatives: one on Marchmont Road, and another on the edge of the meadows in Bruntsfield that hardly anyone seems to know about. The latter has powerpoints, great coffee and comfortable seats.

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