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Discovering the Hammock Coast in South Carolina

Georgetown - HarborBoats Natural. Unspoiled. Easy.

Those are three words that Sassy Henry, owner/operator of Sea View Inn (map) on Pawleys Island and member of the Georgetown County tourism board, uses to describe Hammock Coast in South Carolina.

Located between Myrtle Beach in the north and Charleston in the South, it’s true the area has benefited from its location (can’t get much better than this). However, the collection of six towns that includes Pawleys Island and Georgetown has also carved out a niche of its own.

“It’s unspoiled,” comments Henry. “I believe the area’s history is undiscovered by so many. The rice plantations and rice cultivation is such a huge part of our history. Pawleys Island is the oldest beach resort in America and it has not been overdeveloped. We have been able to maintain the small-town feel which each area having its own unique characteristics. Visitors will discover the area varies from a small quaint town to a fishing village to beach and golf resorts.”

Of course, the main feature of the area that attract the visitors is the beach.

“The beach obviously tops the list for most visitors, and with good reason,” says Ryan Swain, general manager of Dunes Realty in Garden City Beach. “The Hammock Coast offers some of the most beautiful and uncrowded beaches on the entire East Coast.”

As for other things to do in the area, Swaim says while the list is endless, visitors shouldn’t miss Brookgreen Gardens (an outdoor sculpture garden and preserve – map) and Murrells Inlet Marshwalk , with its collection of shops and restaurants.

Golf - TrueBlue2 “With both Murrells Inlet on the north and Georgetown on the south of Hammock Coast provide easy access to the region’s fantastic saltwater fishing with charters for any budget, and for those who want to stay on dry land, there’s ample golf courses around Georgetown County.”

Henry also encourages visitors to see the natural beauty of the area, but sums up that the perfect experience in the area is spending quality time together.

“Although we have several things to do here, our visitors really come here to reconnect with their families.  They celebrate old traditions and make new ones.”

Did You Know: The area rebranded itself as the Hammock Coast. According to Henry, it was a way to stand out.

“Georgetown County didn’t mean much to visitors. In fact, many thought of the D.C. area. So, we came up with Hammock Coast because nothing represented the area better than the original hammock and the leisure that comes with it.”

She adds the name would help encompass everything they have to offer and not highlight one specific area.

PI - The Hammock Weavers -DSCF0205 And speaking of hammocks, you can visit The Original Hammock Shop (map) on Pawleys Island to purchase one and/or watch the weaving at the Hammock Weavers’ Pavilion.

Before planning a trip to Hammock Coast, be sure to check out the various deals offered by the area’s accommodations.

Photo credit: All photos are courtesy of Rawle Murdy AssociatesHammock Coast, South Carolina. (top left) Georgetown Harbor Boats; (middle right) True Blue 2; (bottom left) The Hammock Weavers on Pawleys Island

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