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Road Trips — By Apryl Chapman Thomas on July 14, 2010 at 11:34 pm
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The Farm Burger Experience

fbtwo Continuing my on-going quest to sample boutique (and tasty) burgers, I found myself at Farm Burger (map) in Decatur, Ga. Relatively new to the area, I had heard about the restaurant from various acquaintances who basically raved about it. So, I knew that I had to try it for myself.

Prior to eating there, I did a little background research on the restaurant, because after all, isn’t a burger a burger?

Not exactly, and definitely not at Farm Burger.

Two things intrigued me about the restaurant. First being that they only use 100 percent grass-fed beef from cows raised on nearby farms. Not only is the practice of localism great, in my opinion, but I also knew this would lend itself to a more tasty (perhaps even fresher) burger. The second is that I found out one of the partners happen to be a partner of Farm 255 (map), a highly-regarded restaurant in my neck of the woods in Athens.

So a couple of Saturdays ago, I showed up, happy that I didn’t have to waitfbone (obviously, that can happen as I remember hearing from various reports.) The restaurant itself isn’t flashy. In fact, I would say it’s low-key in a way. I believe the focus is more on food and your overall experience with the food.

The menu is simple and straight forward. You can choose to build your own burger or order one of their suggestions. I opted to build my own. You start with the burger ($6) and then select the toppings. There are free toppings, such as tomatoes, house pickles and FB sauce. For $1, you can add arugula, feta or fried farm egg; and $2 can get you items like brisket chili, gruyere or oxtail marmalade.

As for their suggestions, or Blackboard Burgers, they cost a little more, anywhere between $8-11.  For instance, the number two is a veggie burger with arugula, feta, home-made pickles and Dijon mustard for $7, or the number 4 that includes pickle beets, green garlic, arugula, lara chenel goat cheese and mayo, all for $9.

fbfour No meal is complete without sides. Of course there’s fries, and may I recommend the sweet potato fries ($3). Other options include slow-cooked greens, pork ‘n beans and brisket chili, costing $3.

There are salad options as well as snack options. Be sure to check out the chalkboard for the daily specials.

For the little ones, they can choose between a lil’ cheeseburger or the very popular (and fun) fried chicken lollipops, both $5.

As my final thoughts on Farm Burger, I can say that there wasn’t any leftovers. I found it to be appealing to everyone, especially with the veggie burger, salad options and kids’ menu. If you want to expand your burger experience, Farm Burger is the place to do so.

Located at 410-B West Ponce de Leon in Decatur, Farm Burger is opened Mon. –Thurs. and Sun., 11:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.; Fri. –Sat., 11 a.m. – 12 midnight.

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