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Houston — By Christina Uticone on July 11, 2010 at 2:06 pm
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FUNKWATCH: Corpse Flower Update

corpse flower, unique, rare, botanicalIf you read my earlier piece, you already know that the Houston Museum of Natural Science – and the entire city of Houston – is on pins and needles, awaiting the opening of the rare (and stinky!) “corpse flower” at the Cockrell Butterfly Center.  The corpse flower is a giant flower, native to Sumatra, that blooms infrequently and when it does, has an overpowering smell of rotting meat.  You can check out the chatter on Twitter with the hashtag searches #corpseflower and #funkwatch (yeah, I got my own little hashtag courtesy of Tweep MegsAlice!) and of course, my Twitter feed @snowcones as well as the museum itself @hmns.

The museum staff is estimating that the blooming will begin tonight, Sunday 7.11, and continue overnight.  The flower will only bloom for a few days and attendance at the museum will likely skyrocket for this rare opportunity to see (and more importantly smell!) the corpse flower.  Personally, I am glued to my Twitter feed as I monitor the flower’s progress.

The museum announced via Twitter that they will be staying open late tonight and opening early tomorrow morning to accommodate the expected crowds.  The museum will stay open until midnight tonight, and they are opening at 6 AM Monday 7.12.  I will post additional updates in the comments section of this post, as they occur – and of course, I’ll post my own pictures when the flower blooms!  You can also watch the flower’s progress online at the museum’s live webcam.

Photo provided courtesy of Houston Museum of Natural Science

Tags: botany, Events, featuredarticle, museum


  • Christina says:

    No blooming yet, but Lois is getting there! And … Lois is TWEETING! You can follow her thoughts on the excitement surrounding her @CorpzFlowrLois

    I’ll be visiting the museum several times over the next few days & will keep you posted :)

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