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Buenos Aires — By Pablo Juan Augustinowicz on July 10, 2010 at 10:00 pm
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Corrientes… The Street that Never Sleeps


Avenida Corrientes (map) is probably the most intense avenue in Buenos Aires. Long, wide, bustling, busy, full of cars and people all day long, it has the reputation of being the street that never sleeps. In a way it is the local version of Broadway. Although it is obvious that the whole avenue has seen better days, it is still an interesting slice of the life of Buenos Aires.

If you walk either West or East from the Obelisco (map) you will find lots of theaters (such as Opera, Gran Rex, Maipo and more), cinemas, cultural centers (such as the Centro Cultural Gral. San MartĂ­n that usually features plays, free art and photo exhibits), bookstores and restaurants which are open until late at night.

The bookstoreshere are not quite like the trendy new ones along Calle Florida. There are generally second-hand or more economically-priced book stores. Really, lots and lots and lots of bookstores! This is the best place to come and browse your afternoons away.

Along Corrientes you will find some of the most famous pizzerias in town (such as Banchero, , Los Inmortales, Las Cuartetas, and more). Important cafés also line the avenue (such as  Café La Paz, El Gato Negro, and La Giralda). Most of them have existed for over 90 years, and still preserve the same ambiance and waiters.

In spite of the economic crisis, porteños still love to go out to the theater or just to dine out. Be sure to browse through the shops of Paseo La Plaza (map), a sort of multi-activities theater complex. On Friday or Saturday nights, after 9 pm, when walking along the avenue you might be handed flyers for the plays and musicals that are about to start. Look for some of the actors and actresses in costumes out to entice you.

More so, when walking down the avenue late on a Saturday night, way after 1 am, you will be surprised to find restaurants almost full, flower shops still open and the avenue busy busy busy with pedestrians and vehicles.  If you are in town for the Tango Festival, you will see that they block off the avenue, put up a stage and hundreds of couples start dancing.

Photo credit: Adri porteña =) and galio on Flickr

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