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Pack Up For An Adventure

Adventure (noun): 1.a. An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; 1.b. the encountering of risks 2. an exciting or remarkable experience.

That is what the word experts at the Merriam Webster online dictionary tell us is the definition of “adventure” – but what’s your definition?  My husband and I used to picture every vacation as one we would spend together.  Eventually the reality of our lives as working adults took over, and given our work schedules, we realized that we are often going to find ourselves traveling without the other, especially if we want to see all of our dream destinations.  For solo holidays I would rather not lie on a beach by myself; rather, why not take the opportunity to have a real adventure, and push myself – physically and psychologically – to explore new regions of the world?  Adventure holidays are also an incredibly powerful bonding experience, so you might start out with a group of strangers, but by the end you are sure to make more than one lifelong friend.

Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu are the ruins of the famous 15th c. Incan settlement, located in Peru.  This ancient city is believed to have been a retreat for rulers, as well as an observatory for the astronomers of the day, and it is currently one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.  Climbing the 4000 meter (13, 123 ft.) Inca trail requires most travelers to spend several days in the city of Cusco, to become acclaimated to the elevation before ascending to the ruins.  Machu Picchu tours are rigorous but exhiliarating; adrenaline junkies NEED apply!

The Tatras, Slovakia

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I never shy away from the suggestion of a cold-weather destination in winter.  Perhaps growing up in the snow belt of Upstate NY and then living in Alaska has prepped me for keeping warm, but regardless of the reasons, I truly love spending time outdoors in the winter.  There is nothing like moving through a quiet forest on skis or snowshoes, surrounded by trees with a thick frosting of snow, and cradled all around by tall, majestic mountains.  The challenge and adventure of a winter vacation is unique, but the rewards of a warm fire in a dry, cozy cabin or lodge are unparalleled.  Plus, how many opportunites will you have to go dogsledding?  The Tatras Range in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia are perfect for novice and advanced skiers alike.

Mount Sinai

egypt, middle east, holy land

One would be hard-pressed to find a more historic and adventurous destination than Mount Sinai in Egypt.  This mountain, made famous in the Biblical account of Moses receiving the 10 Commandments from God, is located on the Sinai Peninsula.  Riding camels, snorkling or diving in the Red Sea, and hiking in some of the most famous and sacred land in all the world might well be the ultimate in adventure holidays.  A solo trip to such a historic place makes for an internal adventure as well, with many opportunities to reflect and become inspired by the wonder of human history.

Note: This post was sponsored by The Adventure Company, who also provided photos.  The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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