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Amsterdam: Bartolotti House

Ring the bell at No 172 during the day and at No 170 at night, Willem van den Heuvel told his family, friends and business associates.

Willem van den Heuvel’s house, known as Bartolotti huis stands on Herengracht, a canal where wealthy Amsterdammers lived in opulent mansions. Van den Heuvel earned his money from beer brewing. This was a lucrative business because the canals that used to supply drinking water were filthy. In the seventeenth century breweries sprang up along the canals. Beer was a healthier drink than water and a lot cheaper than tea or coffee.

Not only had Van den Heuvel a thriving business, he also inherited a handsome some of money from his Italian great-uncle. To honour his uncle, Van den Heuvel changed his first name into Guillelmo and adopted his uncle’s family name, Bartolotti.

Guillelmo Bartolotti was held in much esteem and had the right connection. He became board member of the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC, Dutch East India Company. The brewer gained monopoly of Russian grain and became so rich that he commissioned Hendrick de Keyser, Amsterdam’s most celebrated architect to design a dwelling that fitted his status.

huis bartolotti amsterdam

Bartolotti House still graces Herengracht. It is a slightly curved building that follows the bend of the canal. The flashy façade of red brick and stone features urns, scrolls and pilasters. This step-gabled mansion is far more ornate than any other Amsterdam canal house. Two inscribed ornamental panels reflect Bartolotti’s temperament but also reflects what seventeenth-century bourgeoisie considered important; virtues are at the basis of commercial success.

The inscriptions read:
Ingenio et Assiduo Labore (through talents and diligence) and Religione and Probitate’ (through piousness and virtue).

The house is open to the public only on Open Monumentendag, Heritage Days, second weekend each September.

WHAT: Huis Bartolotti
WHERE: Herengracht 170 – 172 (map)

WHAT: Open Monumentendag
WHEN: 11 and 12 September 2010
Open Monumentendag (Heritage Days) marks an annual events during which monuments normally closed to the public open their doors, not only in Amsterdam but in the whole country and the rest of Europe.

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