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Mexico — By Laura Nazimiec on June 19, 2010 at 12:51 pm
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World Cup Excitement in Mexico City

After kicking off the 2010 World Cup tournament just over a week ago in a tied match against South Africa, Team Mexico came back for a big win this past Thursday in their second game of the tournament against France, final score 2-0 in favor of Mexico.  I don’t think anyone was expecting such an impressive outcome and fans in Mexico City and throughout the country are ecstatic.

Mexico World Cup

Fans in Mexico City celebrating Thursday's win over France

Mexico City is currently one of six International FIFA Fan Fest hosts and the event has thus far been overwhelmingly successful.  Local television reported that 52,000 fans came out to the zocálo (map) to watch the opening match against South Africa and as many as 75,000 fans were on hand as Mexico took on France.

In addition to the crowds in the zocálo, bars and restaurants throughout the city center were packed with customers who choose to watch the game over a couple cold cervezas.

After the match ended everyone poured out of the zocálo and headed, as they always do, to the Angel de la Independencia (map) on Paseo de la Reforma to celebrate the win.  Streets throughout the historic center of Mexico City were closed to traffic to accommodate the crowds.  People lined the sidewalks and packed onto balconies throughout the downtown area to share in the excitement.

Lucha Libre masks, noise makers, face paint and futbol (soccer) jerseys were out in full force as fans danced around the Angel de la Independencia cheering and chanting.  Children and pets were hoisted into the air, flags waved, and everyone celebrated while local reporters tried to capture all of the excitement on video.  Even the riot police appeared unusually upbeat, snapping the occasional photo and smiling.  The festivities continued throughout the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening.

Fans in the city are in good spirits heading into Tuesday’s upcoming match against Uruguay.  Despite the early start time I expect another impressive showing of support in the zocálo and a full day of celebration if Team Mexico can pull off another win.  VIVA MEXICO!

Photo Credit: Laura Nazimiec

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