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family travel — By Corinne McDermott on June 19, 2010 at 4:03 am
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Let The World Cup Inspire Your Children To Travel

world cup soccer ball

When the World Cup opening ceremonies were on, my daughter was fascinated by the music, the dancing, the bright costumes, and the strange giant beetle that kicked a giant soccer ball. The spectacle that took place in Johannesburg’s Soccer City (map) definitely captured her attention.

We had to leave for school, but the show opened up a dialogue about South Africa, and what a fascinating country it is. At 4, she’s too young to grasp the politics, but she’s fascinated by the culture. When I told her of the game reserves, and how you can go on safari to see lions and elephants and zebras run wild, she was ready to hop on a plane. What were we waiting for?

The month-long tournament is providing a lot of teaching opportunities too. Our neighbourhood is quite diverse, and many cars are sporting flags from the participating countries. Together we’re learning all the flags and all the places they belong to, and I’ve been able to share some of my adventures with her when we discover a flag of a place I’ve been to. So far Italy and Greece are on her list, and I can’t wait to revisit them with her.

elephant kruger national park south africaIt truly is amazing to see so many countries come together with a collective passion for the “beautiful game”.  All you need to play soccer is a ball, and the world is unified for a month every four years by that ball.

This year’s World Cup has sparked something in my daughter, and it’s reignited my desire to visit South Africa.

Years ago my husband and I had a work trip scheduled for Johannesburg, and we’d booked a safari to Kruger National Park (map) for once the work was completed. That trip was cancelled, and up until now I hadn’t thought of it much.

Just as soon as my kids are old enough, that safari is definitely happening.

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