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Camping and RVing in British Columbia

BC Provincial Campsite, Galiano Island

If you want to camp around BC this summer be prepared to make a reservation ahead of time and pay fees up to $30 at BC Parks campsites.  That means a weekend at one of the more developed campsites will cost you $90.  Add $18.90 for the reservation fee. (Maximum is $6.30 a night for the first 3 nights.)  You’ll also have to pay extra ($5 – $6) for a bundle of firewood.

Suddenly sleeping out in the woods under the stars isn’t so cheap any more!  You might consider venturing out to find your own campsite.  The BC Roads and Recreation Atlas is a popular back woods guide.  Or check out Camp Free in BC by Kathy and Craig Copeland.  Just make sure if you do camp in a place of your own to leave things intact and don’t harm anything, carelessly leave fires unattended etc.

BC  has one of the best maintained and remarkable park systems in the world, so perhaps paying those extra costs makes camping all worthwhile after all.

There are more than 340 campgrounds, 11,000 campsites, 250 day-user sites and 6,000 kilometers of trails for hikers.  In addition, BC has 520 plus private RV parks and campgrounds.  There are also 1200 forest recreation sites located on Crown land for campers who like to go off the beaten track and rough it.

For information about BC Parks campsites click here For sites and trails click here

For information about RV camping click here

Photo by W. Ruth Kozak

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  • Elle says:

    So right about the camping not being that cheap anymore! Seems that the private campgrounds and RV parks are charging as much as an inexpensive hotel! These often come with extras like playgrounds and pools…but overall, camping is not as inexpensive as it used to be.

  • Ruth Kozak says:

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I don’t think its entirely right that camping has become expensive because for years it has been one affordable way for families to have summer trips.

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