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Musicians in Plaza Garibaldi

Plaza Garibaldi is the place to go for live mariachi music in Mexico City.  In the late afternoons and early evenings the mariachis can be seen gathering on street corners and in the front of the plaza waiting for someone to hire them to play a party or special event.  But it’s not only mariachi bands that occupy Plaza Garibaldi, there are also numerous bands playing regional music from across Mexico.  The bands that aren’t recruited to play an event spend the evening entertaining the crowds that gather in the plaza.

Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico CityPlaza Garibaldi has recently undergone renovations and the square is looking better than it did just a year ago.  A tourist booth has opened up on the east end of the plaza and the area is patrolled regularly by police.

The plaza is liveliest between the hours of 8pm and midnight when bands in fancy costumes, many of whom are quite talented, can be seen offering up their services and entertaining crowds on all corners of the plaza.

The musicians may play for tips or when they are hired to play a song.  The benefits of hiring a band to play a song include having the opportunity to choose a song of your liking and have it performed  specifically for your group.  However if you’re just interested in taking in the atmosphere and don’t mind watching as the bands perform for others, you can easily spend an entire evening in the plaza without handing over a single peso.

The going rate for a song in the plaza is around M$40 ($3.20).  Prices may vary depending on the band and bargaining may get you a slightly reduced rate.  Plaza Garibaldi (map) is located five blocks north of the Palacio de Bella Artes on Avenidas Lázaro Cárdenas and Republica de Honduras in the historic center of Mexico City. The closest Metro station is Garibaldi (map).

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons by cowbite

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