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Sydney — By Lauren Katulka on June 17, 2010 at 1:46 am
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Explore Sydney Without Stress on the Explorer Bus

Sydney can be a little intimidating for visitors looking to get around. It’s often difficult to know where to get off the bus or train, and we all know how expensive taxis can be. But don’t stress! The bright red Sydney Explorer bus takes the hassle out of sightseeing.

The Sydney Explorer bus visits 27 famous Sydney sights, including the Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kings Cross, and Darling Harbour. Simply hop off where you please, then catch the next bus to visit somewhere new. Buses pass every 20 minutes, so you’re never kept waiting for too long.

You’ll travel in comfort on these air-conditioned buses, and even learn something about the city through the on-board commentary. As well as offering interesting facts, the commentary also details the attractions near each bus stop. This ensures you get off at the right stop, and it may also encourage you to see somewhere you hadn’t planned.

Your Explorer ticket also entitles you to some fantastic discounts and bonus offers which you can use at tourist attractions, stores, and eateries around the city. But that’s not all. Your Sydney explorer ticket also allows you to travel on the Bondi Explorer, and many regular Sydney buses.

There’s no need to book, as one and multi-day passes are available from the bus driver. One-day passes cost $40 for adults, $20 for kids, and $100 for family groups. Multi-day tickets, known as a SydneyPass, are a better option for  tourists enjoying an extended stay in the city. Three, five, and seven day passes are available which allow tourists to ride both Explorer buses, all regular Sydney buses, trains and ferries. These passes start at $116 for adults, $58 for children, and $290 for families. Children under four can travel on the Explorer buses for free.

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