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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on June 16, 2010 at 12:01 pm
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Top 10 Picks for Edinburgh Fringe 2010

My goodness, is it really that time again?  The Fringe 2010 programme is out, and it’s packed with some GREAT finds, as per usual.  And I hate to stray from tradition, so for the third year in a row Planeteye brings you some top picks for the Edinburgh Fringe.  As always, the usual disclaimer applies:  some of these may stink, some may be so good they’re sold out before you get here, and others might just not be your cup of tea.  The only way to find out is to go see them, though.

1. Be Dom.  I was tipped off to this motley crew a month ago, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in person.  They’re a percussion troupe from Portugal and have got rave reviews and their style is somewhat like Stomp the musical, but with what sounds like a truly Edinburgh Fringe funky feel to it.  They’ll be playing at the Purple Cow the first week of the fringe and suspect it will be a sellout once word gets out.  (website)

2. The List Operators for Kids.  The List Operators were here last year and were a real hoot.  This promises to be a fun and yet decidedly not educational.  They’re playing at the Pleasance all month, and at only £5, mother and father can go too :)

3. Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.  Ok, so I’m out on a limb here.  I’m not a fan of sock puppets.  It isn’t that the socks are old and smelly, or even that the dialogue is bad.  It’s just not my thing.  But man, EVERYONE who is anyone  loves the sock puppets.  So, if you fancy, check them out – they’re at the Gilded Balloon.

4. Uplifting.  It is a classic story: a disgrunted salesman gets caught in one of the elevators with someone he’s not too happy with.  Claustrophobia ensues, and life changing events follow.  No – they don’t strangle each other.  Well, actually I don’t know about that – we’ll all have to go see it at the Radisson on the last week of August and find out.

5. Circus Trick Tease.  I love anything Australian (and there are plenty of them in the Fringe).  This circus-gone-mad troupe has fantastic reviews from their antipodean compatriots, so I am adding it into my list too.  They’re playing all month at the Cow Barn, one of my favourite venues too, so grab a beer and let’s go.

6. Grimms’ Fairy Tales.  Somehow I have the feeling that this interpretation of the classic fairy tale is not one to bring the wee ones to.  The one I’m referring to is playing at the Surgeons Hall mid-August, though there is also a free Grim(m) Tales event on the 20-21 at Espionage – part of the free Laughing Horse Festival – so refresh your memory on this fable one way or another.

7. Blood Brothers.  Willy Russell has apparently gotten together a musical-tastic group to produce this play, one of my ultimate favourites of British theatre.  If you haven’t seen it, you must – the ending is a total tear jerker, and if they can pull it off, I will be well impressed.

8.  Diary of Anne Frank.  C Venues is playing this classic story every day during the festival.  Having lived in Amsterdam many years, I’ve actually never seen the diary read aloud or played or done otherwise than flipping through the pages myself, so this sounds great.

9.  Cabaret Whore. This was one of my favourite shows of 2009.  Playing over at the Laughing Horse Free Comedy festival, the show is a series of sets – all sung by the same singer, with a costume and character change between each. She also writes her own songs and I am shocked by her wide range of vocal talent.  Relax with a drink and enjoy this fabulously fun singer.

10. Reel to Real, The Movies Musical.  I never cease to be amazed at how many things the Fringe can turn to musicals.  Every film has been done, every band, and every noun and adjective. (Come on – last year we had Bloodbath the Musical.).  Now we have a musical of films.  As a DVD maven, this is right up my alley though it is a dangerous choice as it could be awful.

BONUS: I always love to hang out for a beer and a blether in the Pleasance Courtyard, but I’m also going to check out the new Assembly venue this year in Princes Street Gardens (map).  The gardens are normally closed at night, so it should be interesting to see how they’ll have this setup.

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