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Seattle — By Mary Jo Manzanares on June 14, 2010 at 6:38 pm
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Celebrate National Iced Tea Month at remedy tea bar

If you’re looking for a delicious summer stop (it is summer here in Seattle, isn’t it?), give Remedy Tea Bar on Capitol Hill a try.  Along with offering delicious teas, salads, sandwiches, and other light fare, this is a great place to have a bit to eat, hang out, or do a little shopping.  Geeks rejoice – they have FREE wi-fi too!

tea set Occupying a subterranean Capitol Hill space, Remedy Tea serves over 150 pure and house-blended organic teas.  The tea is stored in glossy white canisters and mini-test tubes, labeled with ordering numbers, and it looks more like an apothecary than a traditional tea shop.  That’s the charm of Remedy Tea — it is anything but your typical tea shop.

With so many tea choices, you might think it would be hard to make a choice.  Well, it can be, but the shop does provide a few hints and tips to assist you in your selection.

Looking for a tea based on health considerations?  How about #3 Deep Sleep, a mix of chamomile, rosehips, lavender, pink peppercorn, valerian, honeybush and kava kava.  Perfect for travelers who have to worry about jet lag.  Or maybe #2 Green Energy, a blend of green tea, goji berries, ashwagandha “Indian Ginseng”, Chinese ginseng, licorice root and citrus, that provides a stimulating citrus-fresh cup of tea.  Or maybe #10 Hangover, a blend of yerba mate, peppermint, ginger, feverfew, dandelion, licorice root, orange, cumin, myrrh, barberry and ginseng (medium caffeine content).  Not that I’m recommending over-drinking, but if you do. . . well, this can help.

Looking for an herbal tea?  With over 30 herbal choices, it can be a tough decision.  How about #120 Tranquility, a calming and soothing blend of chamomile, mint, and rooibos.  Or maybe #123 Tropical Island, a sweet/tart blend of hibiscus, rosehips, black currants, rooibos, orange peel and mango is almost as good as being in the islands.  It’s great iced, too.  Or try #129 Spice of Life, a balanced spicy blend of lemon balm, dried ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and black peppercorns.

Tea lovers who are lean toward the adventurous side, may want to select a random number and give it a try.  My favorite number is #6, a blend designed to help with colds and allergies that includes lemongrass, rosehips, ginger, citrus, licorice root, sage, peppermint and cloves.  I’m  an allergy sufferer, so perhaps next time I visit I should give this a try.   Or #31 Green Oz, which blends petals of the osmanthus flower with Chinese green tea for a light and sweet floral brew.  Or #117 Cocoa Mate, a blend of roasted yerba mate, cacao nibs, carob and floral petals for a delicious toasty flavor.

Tea is available to drink by the cup or the pot, and served hot or iced.  You can buy loose tea to take home.   Remedy Tea offers a full tea service,  presented in a tiered serving platter that includes tea sandwiches a pot of tea, a truffle, cookies, sliced fruit, scone and jam and butter.

The menu includes small bites (olives, cheese, baked goods), soups, and breakfast goodies.  If you’d like something a little more substantial, try a salad or a tea sandwich (try the Ravish — crunchy organic radishes, red onion and buttery spread on organic white bread with black sesame seed garnish — delicious).  A kids menu is also available.

Remedy Tea Bar is perfect for gift shopping, and in addition to its loose tea assortment, offers beautiful tea accessories.

June is National Iced Tea Month, so check out the iced tea brewing instructions and tips to learn how to enjoy the perfect icy drink.

Location:  345 15th Avenue East (at Harrison), Capitol Hill (map)

Hours:  Daily, 7 am – 11 pm

Photo credit: SXC

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