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Disney, Photo Highlights — By Jenni Ingersoll on June 13, 2010 at 11:57 pm
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Up, Up and Away Over Orlando

Fantasy of Flight is a museum of rare and vintage aircraft, many restored to working condition located in Polk City, Florida,  just outside of Orlando.  Among the special activities offered through Fantasy of Flight are bi-plane and balloon rides.

My family had the recent pleasure of taking a hot air balloon ride, a truly unforgettable experience.  I would love to share our adventure with you.

Once arriving at the site of our lift off, we were quickly enlisted to help fill the balloon with air from the large gas powered fan. An easy task at the start, as the balloon reached capacity, it became more and more difficult.  The balloon we are filling is intended for a party of 2-4 people.  Having a group outing? The balloons in the background, three in all, held a party of 25. 

Ever wonder what the inside of a balloon looks like? When the balloon was full with air, we were allowed to walk inside.  It is amazing how  large and durable these balloons are.

Using the blasts from the burner to lift or lower the balloon, our pilot attempted to catch the wind to guide us.  At one point, looking down at the trees below, they appeared like tiny polka-dots.

Drifting over a swampy area, we noticed the reflection of our balloon in the swamp below.¬† Slightly disappointed, I learned that there is¬†a three-mile no fly zone imposed¬†around Walt Disney World Resort.¬† Still our day was not without a Disney touch as we observed a “Hidden Mickey” clump of trees, way off in the distance.

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Tags: adventure, ballooning, featuredphoto, Orlando

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