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Race on down to the SnowBall Run!

It’s not what you think. You won’t be chased down by snowballs as though you’d be running with the bulls in Spain. The SnowBall Run is a motorsport event in New Zealand taken after the renowned Cannonball Run. The said event will take place on 26th-27th June on the open road of Auckland to Taupo. Come in your favorite costume but make sure it withstands the winter chill, because the event also involves activities outside your car. This year, prepare to party and be entertained by a massive buffet dinner, a dance show and competition, as well as cash prizes and car gear to be given away.

250 awesome street cars are expected to participate. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself and your car now for $250! A full driver’s license and compliance to the speed limit are a must, so don’t allow the cops slow you down! If you’re showing up as a passenger, you will be required to pay only $60.

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