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Seattle — By Mary Jo Manzanares on June 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm
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Discover Family Games for the Seattle Summer

School’s out!  And for moms and dads that can mean looking for ways to keep the kids active, engaged, and occasionally separated from the television or computer screen.  Activities that encourage creativity, logic, build on developing skill sets, AND are fun can be hard to come by.  That’s part of the reason why Blue Highway Games, on the top of Queen Anne, has become a popular spot for families and kids of all ages.

scrabble game board Are you looking for a classic board game?  You’ll find all the favorites from childhood (at least MY childhood):  Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, Parcheesi, and Battleship.  Are you looking for collectibles?  You’ll find lots of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic options.  Are you looking for a travel game?  There are lots of travel versions of your favorites, plus some games designed specifically for travel.

Are you looking to learn something new?  Or maybe you’re not really sure what you want?  Ask one of the helpful staff members to make some suggestions and show you how to play, and give you some strategy suggestions.  You can also take a look at the demo tables, and try before you buy.

The store offers monthly game tournaments, has a Pokemon league, and offers a variety of special entertainment nights for game enthusiasts of all ages.  An upstairs loft is available for birthday parties.  They are even offering a summer camp for kids ages 8-14 with lots of outdoor and indoor games.  During the school year they coordinate with PTA and other groups to feature school game nights.

With more and more families trying to capitalize on at least one at home family night a week, games are becoming popular once again.  Stay in, stay home, and leave the television turned off — Games are back in style.  Stop by Blue Highway Games to learn the how and why.

Location: 2203 Queen Anne Avenue North, Queen Anne (map)

Hours: Monday – Wednesday,  10 am – 7 pm; Thursday till 9 pm, Friday till 11 pm.  Saturday 9:30 am – 11 pm; and Sunday 11 am – 5 pm.

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