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Photo Friday: The Edinburgh Fringe 2010 Poster

Yup, it’s Friday again, and today’s photo Friday is a special guest: the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 poster!

Now, for those of you who haven’t been to the Fringe before, the fact that the poster being featured here as a Photo Friday might seem a little odd.  But you see, the post (and the programme cover that accompanies it) is quite a prominent feature of the event – you’ll see it everywhere throughout the month.   And, if you really like it, you could placate yourself with some t-shirts, mugs, and other miscellany from the Fringe Souvenir Shop [map].

The poster was designed by thirteen year old Morven Donald from northwest Glasgow; contrary to previous years, this year the Fringe setup a contest to allow locals to submit their own designs, a nod to the 30th anniversary of the festival.

Kath Mainland, who is the Fringe chief executive, said: “The image Morven created is vibrant, colourful and full of energy – everything the Fringe is.”

It’s funny: whenever the brochures and poster are released, it feels like the Fringe has ‘officially’ started – the clock is ticking on deciding what are the hot shows and getting tickets before they sell out.

How to Get One

So, if you are wanting a Fringe programme either just as a souvenir or you are coming to Edinburgh, you can order now online.  (Of course if you live in Edinburgh, they are available at all major venues as well as the Royal Mile office).

The mail order form can be found on the official Fringe website:


Posters are other miscellany are of course available in the Fringe souvenir shop.

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