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Cruise — By Liz Lewis on June 10, 2010 at 8:19 am
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Ports of Call Highlights the Diversity of Malaysia

Passing through Malaysia, the Dawn Princess World Cruise made stops at three ports of call – Singapore, Kuala Lumpar,  Langkawai – in three days that highlight the diversity of Malaysia.

First stop was Singapore at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. A pretty small and compact country with a huge natural harbor, it has been a strategic trading and commerce center for centuries.

A land of migrants, it’s multi-cultural diversity provides plenty to attract visitors, from mosques, temples, and churches to markets, gardens, natural attractions, and WWII battlefields.

It’s  also about the cleanest place on earth, what with it’s strict laws against littering and even chewing gum and not flushing the toilet (although I’m not sure how they monitor that).

But turns out that there is one place where littering is mandatory – the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. Here, visitors are encouraged to throw peanut shells on the floor while drinking Singapore Slings.

Our next port of call was Port Kelang, the jump off point for Kuala Lumpar, and what a difference it was from Singapore. While Singapore appeared shiny clean, Kuala Lumpar, also a world class city, is the opposite.

 There’s trash, graffiti, and plenty of  run down and dilapidated buildings, and as a result Kuala Lumpar offers a more realistic view of a huge Asian city.

 One minute you can be wandering the meat markets of Chinatown: the next shopping at Gucci or Channel at Suria KLCC, the shopping center located in the twin Petronas Towers (one of the tallest buildings in the world)

But it was the last Malaysian port of call Langkawi, located within an archipelago of 99 islands, that offered the most diversity.

Neither modern nor financially rich, Langkawi offered instead an abundance of natural attractions.

A popular Malaysian resort island, it is a UNESCO World Geopark where you can either laze around on sandy beaches or hike into jungle-clad hills, cruise along mangrove rivers, and even sight a sea eagle or two.

(photo credits: Liz Lewis)

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