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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on June 9, 2010 at 1:02 pm
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Edinburgh International Film Fest Tickets on Sale

Last Thursday, Edinburgh International Film festival tickets went on sale.  There was an enormous queue at the festival box office, which is located at the Filmhouse [map], partly due to the fact that demand cashed the official film festival website!  It is up now and seems to be running smoothly, at least for the moment.

I love film fest time; as you may or may not know, the Film festival used to be in August along with everything else (International festival, the Fringe, the Book Festival..).  It seemed to play second fiddle against these more prominent events, which was always a shame.  But last year it moved into its own timeslot in late June, and has never looked back – ticket sales are up (and websites down – at times!), and it couldn’t have worked out better for them.

When and Where?

This year’s event takes place the 16-27 June – still not enough days for me to see all the films that I’d like to see.  It is held across six venues this year – the venues are a highlight, as Edinburgh definitely has some great cinemas:

  • Filmhouse [map]
  • Cameo[map]
  • Festival Theatre [map]
  • Cineworld[map]
  • St George’s West Church[map]
  • St John’s Church[map]

You might be wondering why those churches are there; they are home to some workshops in this year’s programme, including film editing, animation, and camera skills.  Fancy yourself being a filmmaker or videographer?  Check it out.

What To See?

Ah, so I get his question all the time.  I usually send folk over to Filmstalker, one of the more prominent film bloggers in the UK and he is also Edinburgh-based.  But once tip you might find useful for the film festival is two pieces of functionality on the film festival website:

  • Suggest-o-Tron: this cheekily-named widget will give you tips and suggestions on films that you might like.  Try it – there are tons of films, so it is easy to overlook a gem.
  • Strands:  These are sort of the themed topics of the whole programme.  They are quite varied, from rosebud (the first films of a director) to night movies (perhaps those best not to watch alone!)

Those two items should help you uncover your best choices for you.  If you want some noteworthy films (and actors/actresses) that will appear this year, consider:

  • The Crab:  a verbally abusive man is born with enormous, “mutant-like” hands.  Not sure which one caused the other.
  • The Illusionist:  this is the opening feature, and I have it on good word that a Scottish village does make an appearance!
  • Vacation!: This is from well regarded director Zach Clark; it has been described as  “an existential beach party movie about life, death, sex and drugs.”  It sounds interesting, even if I have no idea what they’re talking about.
  • Outcast:  an Edinburgh-based horror – the perfect combination.  Unless your hotel is on a dark street.

Confusingly, there appear to be no Scottish-based films showing this year schedule if you use the online search, but several films do indeed head for this part of the country during filming.

Book Now

The only problem with the Edinburgh Film festival is some shows only run once or twice.  So either it is sold out, or it doesn’t fit with your travel plans.  So go and book now.  Everything you need is on the official website:


Photo by chatirygirl

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