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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on June 7, 2010 at 1:51 pm
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Chocolate and Love in Edinburgh: Going, Going..Gone

I’ve just been informed about a phenomenon apparently spreading throughout the UK, and now it’s hit Edinburgh: the pop-up shop.  And for want of nothing, Edinburgh’s most recent pop up shop has hit George Street (of all places!) and features chocolate.  But this isn’t your grandmother’s wee chocolate shop.

What Is a Pop Up Shop?

I hadn’t noticed this elsewhere (even during my recent trips down south), but here’s the background.  As we all know, the UK has been devastated by the fallout of the recent economic recession.  This has led to a massive glut of empty real estate properties on high streets throughout the nation – well, all kinds of streets, actually.  Entrepreneurs have taken up this opportunity to ‘road test’ ideas and concepts with pop up shops: shops that can be quickly and easily setup, tested, and then taken down.  Apparently there are pop up restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and even pubs!

So Edinburgh’s pop up shop is a real-world derivative of the virtual company Chocolate and Love.  You can’t miss it. It’s on George Street, next to number 46.  Yes, that is it – the shop with the photo of a woman naked except a thin layering of molten chocolate covering her.

Chocolate and Love

Between the banner and the name, you might suspect this shop to be filled with a miscellany of edible sex products and what not.  And indeed, you can purchase a chocolate bar “chocolate tree”, which Chocolate & Love’s owner Richard O’Conner told the Scotsman it is “pure Viagra.”   However, ladies and gentleman, I’m afraid otherwise this is simply a chocolate shop.

Some of the bits and bobs you’ll find in the aisles here include:

  • organic truffle bars
  • truffles
  • chocolate spread
  • mugs of hot chocolate (i.e. liquid chocolate)

I’ll admit I am not a fan of chocolate – probably because I have no time for the sugar-packed junk you’ll find in the grocery shop.  However, I do appreciate high quality artisan chocolate that actually tastes like cacao, not sugar. Proper chocolate has complex flavour and lots of nuance, and so I was excited to see chocolates from several high quality producers:  Switzerland, naturally, and even the Amazon.  There’s raw chocolate (no sugar added), and most dangerously, Gianduja, a chocolate made with hazelnut paste.

Steer clear of the heavenly cacao nibs.  If you leave those sitting on your coffee table while watching television, you very well might end up with an empty jar and a very full tummy!  Bite sized portions are not such a good thing in this case. ;)


I can’t believe the serendipity of of practically falling into this new wee pop-up shop in Edinburgh.  I can’t help but wonder:  where’s the next pop up?  How do I find it?  What if I miss it?

Well, you don’t miss out.  The plan is that Chocolate and Love will close its doors on June 11 and disappear back into the ether.  So, either you get yourself over there straightaway, or you can visit there website, which will be there after the 11th:


There’s something though about their site that just can’t be replicated from the surreal ambience of their pop-up. Quick, it’s going, going, going….

Photo by dopamineharper

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