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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on June 4, 2010 at 11:59 am

Photo Friday: Salisbury Crags

TGIF: it’s photo Friday and today’s photo is an easily recognisable one:  the Salisbury Crags over in Holyrood Park:

This isn’t exactly the most glamorous shot, but I chose it intentionally because it gives you a perspective on how these cliffs jut far above the city.  It’s quite surreal; and in this particular shot, you can see the gorse – that’s the yellow stuff that’s in blooming in late spring/early summer.

The cliffs are 151 ft and are remnants from the volcanic activity that created the hills and peaks of modern Edinburgh. You can climb on these cliffs, but you need to contact the ranger’s office for a permit.  (I’m told its free – but I have never seen anyone taking advantage.)

The road that runs just underneath the crags is called the Radical Road – it was paved by displaced weavers who were given work by the after the Radical War of 1820, hence the name.  It’s a pretty steep incline, but it is a little less slippery and rocky underfoot than Arthur’s Seat, so consider it as a nice alternative.  And from here, the views are surreal: it feels like you could just reach out and touch Edinburgh Castle or St Giles’ Cathedral.

Photo by Cliff Taylor & Zoe Hill

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