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Phoenix — By Heather Wright Schlichting on June 4, 2010 at 1:26 pm
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Photo Friday: Camelback Mountain

hiking, outdoor activities, landmarks

The ultimate in urban hiking, Camelback Mountain is a prominent landmark in Phoenix. It divides Phoenix from the town of Paradise Valley and depicts a gigantic resting camel that stands guard as if to protect the Valley of the Sun.

Hohokam Indians settled the area only to mysteriously disappear over a thousand years ago. They left behind evidence of their existence including a ceremonial cave discovered on the north side of Camelback. This ancient religious site today motivates many to refer to Camelback Mountain as the Sacred Mountain.

If you have the opportunity or the fortitude to hike to its summit at 2700 feet, you’ll experience a quiet tranquility when overlooking the spectacular beauty of the city. It’s a magnet that attracts over 300,000 recreational hikers every year from around the world. Many do it over and over again to absorb the differing landscape perspectives.

Of if you’re like me and would rather admire it from afar, I suggest watching the sun set over Camelback from the outdoor patio of the Sanctuary Resort. Either way, it’s a magnificent site.

Photo courtesy of flickr

Tags: hiking, outdoor activities

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