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Buenos Aires — By Pablo Juan Augustinowicz on June 4, 2010 at 8:01 pm
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Los Carritos de la Costanera… A Street Delight


It is often said that Buenos Aires was built facing away from the Río de la Plata, the brown-coloured river that was the focal point of so much of its early history. In fact, the area of the old port, Puerto Madero (map), is nowadays experiencing something of a come back from oblivion, with various ambitious hotel and apartment building projects underway in an attempt to turn it into the next top barrio of the city.

A few steps east from there towards the river and just five minutes walk from the city’s main skyscrapers, business institutions and government buildings, the area known as Costanera Sur (map) remains a frequently ignored but nonetheless charming respite from the smoke and traffic of the surrounding area. The promenade, parks, lakes, leafy spaces and  the overgrown, reed-ridden canal that make up the natural reserve, stand like a museum-piece on the edge of the city.

It is here that you will find a large array of a curious Buenos Aires street gourmet extravaganza known as “los carritos de la costanera“, or road-side barbeque stands. As a matter of fact, the road-side barbeque is not consigned to this particular area of Buenos Aires alone, for when walking around any part of town where a construction site exists or road works are in progress you are sure to see a fire lit at the side of the road with hunks of meat cooking.

In short, this is the worker’s lunch. Where other countries may have salad bars or sandwich shops, porteños  will light up a make-shift grill (often just hot coals with a metal grate suspended above it)  and cook lunch there in the open air. At the Costanera Sur dozens of these barbeques are erected, like hot-dog stands, selling affordable steak sandwiches and choripanes beside the canal to passers-by and local workers hungry for a bite to eat.

So don’t be afraid to try this local delight. The meat is often far tastier than the most prestigious, tourist-priced restaurants that line the main strip of Puerto Madero. For few pesos you can have this local treat while enjoying a free view of the most natural wilderness in the city.

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