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Buenos Aires, Photo Highlights — By Pablo Juan Augustinowicz on June 1, 2010 at 11:57 pm
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Buenos Aires In Photos

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, is a large  metropolis known as “the Paris of the South”, with wide avenues and boulevards, beautiful buildings designed by French and Italian architects, and the rich European heritage of the “porteños”, as the natives of Buenos Aires are called. Although nowadays, the city’s frantic way of life may be compared with that of New York. In Buenos Aires you will experience a combination of sights, sounds and smells that you will never forget. Take a look at what you´ll find.

The neoclasical Congreso Nacional (map) is the centerpiece landmark of the Congreso area. One of the last major public works projects undertaken before Francophile architecture became the norm, this Italian style building faces the Plaza del Congreso and, in the distance, the Casa Rosada. It is home of the upper and lower houses.

The Obelisco (map) is located at the center of the Plaza de la República, at the crossing of two mayor avenues called Calle Corrientes (full of theatres, bookshops and restaurants, very lively at night) and Avenida 9 de Julio (very wide and picturesque). It is an interesting landmark, and certainly a great metting point…

The Planetarium Galileo Galilei (map) is housed in a very peculiar building whose outline reminds us of saturn. The cultural activities carried out at the Planetarium include shows on different subjects concerning astronomy, cosmography and astronautics. On the grounds surrounding it, during the summer, you may catch a music festival or even a sport activity such as a short marathons. If you roam the city late at night, you might get tipped on where the after-hours rave parties are taking place deep along the woods by the Planetarium…

Floralis Generica (map) is an eye catching sculpture designed by an arquitect called Eduardo Catalano. The mecanical shiny flower opens up during the day and closes at night. Great place to slow down a bit, take a break, lay down on the grass and read a book…

Avenida Corrientes (map) is probably the most intense avenue in Buenos Aires. Long, wide, bustling, busy, full of cars and people all day long, it has the reputation of being the street that never sleeps. In a way it is the local version of Broadway. Although it is obvious that the whole avenue has seen better days, it is still an interesting slice of the life of Buenos Aires.

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