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Niagara — By Megan Pasche on May 31, 2010 at 11:57 am
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Day Trips from Niagara: Port Dover

Sitting on the North Shore of Lake Erie, Port Dover is the perfect place for a summer getaway. A little beach town filled with unique shops, cool restaurants, sandy beaches and some of the best perch known to man, Port Dover is only an hour and half drive from Niagara and makes for a great day trip.

You can start the day off by lounging on the long stretch of beach, occasionally cooling off in Lake Erie if it gets too hot. You can purchase a raft at a nearby store or bring your own if you don’t actually want to go right in the water. The great thing about the beach at Port Dover is the water is quite shallow, so you can wade out a long way and the water is still only around waist high.

Once you get tired of the beach, you can spend some time exploring some of the many shops that line the streets. Stores are all around the beach area, as well as leading into the downtown area. Some of my favourites are The Robot Cafe, a cute little coffee shop that also sells an eclectic mix of books, vintage toys and records. It’s one of those stores you can browse around for hours. Another cool little store, Circle Game (map), specializes in fair trade gifts from around the world.

One of the most famous things about Port Dover is the perch, which you can find at almost every restaurant in the city. My favourites are Knechtel Foods (map), which is located right on the beach. You get your food from the take out window, then go find a picnic table and eat outside. If you are not into the whole eating outside deal, another great option is the Beach House Restaurant (map), which as the name suggests, is located right on the beach and has a great view of the lake, especially if you can get a spot on the patio.

Port Dover also has tons of other fun stuff to do, included mini putt, walking the pier, going to see a show at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre, (map) or taking part in one of the many festivals that occurs in Port Dover during the summertime.  Port Dover is also the place where on every Friday the 13th, bikers from all over Ontario gather for a day of  fun and bikes.

It’s a great place to spend a summer day!

Photo Credits: Megan Pasche

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