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Disney — By Jenni Ingersoll on May 28, 2010 at 9:20 am
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New Bouncing Baby Girl Added to Kingdom

I can’t help myself.¬† I love babies. No matter the species, I find them all adorable and therefore can not resist sharing the good news.¬†The elephant herd at¬†Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a new member.

Surrounded by the Disney animal care team, a newborn female calf was born late May 20, to 22-year old Donna.  The second birth for this mother, her pregnancy lasted 22-months and resulted in a weight gain of 400 pounds.  Not bad considering the newborn weighed in at 288 pounds.

Since elephant births can be so complicated, Donna received attentive pre-natal care from the animal professionals at Disney throughout the course of her gestation, even adding exercises to her daily routine making her stronger for birth.

Donna and her yet to be named calf, are doing well.¬† From her first few steps, the calf has grown stronger and is nursing well and getting to know the gentle touches of her mother’s trunk.

On a recent trip to Animal Kingdom (map) and the¬†Conservation Station and¬†Rafiki’s Planet Watch, our family learned that it is a very critical bonding process among elephants as they learn so many lessons from their mothers.¬† Lessons learned include how and what to eat even¬†how to use their trunk once they gain coordination.

For the next several weeks, Donna will continue to teach and protect this young one until she is slowly introduced to the rest of the herd. This birth raises the number of elephants in the¬†savannah herd to 13, five males and eight females, including an older sister and three other young elephants born¬†and living at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Photo Selection: WDW News and flickr

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