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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on May 26, 2010 at 7:36 pm
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Rhinos at the Zoo, Oh My!

I’ve just heard the Edinburgh Zoo has a new arrival – Samir, an 18 year old Indian Rhino.  His name is Indian, but Samir has moved over from Frankfurt; he wasn’t available for a statement, so I wasn’t able to check how good his German is. :)

The Indian Rhinoceros is an endangered species and Edinburgh Zoo is part of a European breeding program, so the Rhinos here do rotate out on occasion.   I think the Rhinos are a great stop if you have children with you, because the zoo actually has some fun and games set up for them.  That’s because Rhino’s normally are very active in the wild, and their health can be poor if they laze around all day.  So there’s a toasty warm pool for the to splash about in (32 degrees C, so you might be tempted to jump in yourself on a chilly day), and they even have balls to play with!

These Rhinos are from the Assam area of India and also crossing the border into Nepal, so while our hills aren’t quite as high, I suspect these Rhinos do feel a few bits of culture from home.  I wonder if they only take Assam tea with their lunch?

TIP:  If you’re a Rhino lover, there’s a daily talk at 2:45pm where you can as the Rhino keeper any questions you might have.

The Edinburgh Zoo has a fabulous website in fact – www.edinburghzoo.org.uk – where you can meet and greet with the animals virtually, and learn more about the zoo attractions and schedule.  There’s even a penguin cam!

Getting There

The Edinburgh Zoo is west of the city centre, halfway to the airport.  You can get there via Lothian Buses – the easiest and most frequent route is the 26 direct from Princes Street.  The 100 bus also stops here if you have a pass that allows you onboard (otherwise it is more expensive, and it doesn’t always stop on the route back into town).

Photo by Bruce

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