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Cruise — By Liz Lewis on May 26, 2010 at 5:59 am
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A Room with No View

When my mother informed me that the cabin we would be staying in during our Dawn Princess World Cruise was an interior cabin, my heart sank. The idea of staying in a room without a window was something that, I admit, did not appeal at all. But as my mother pointed out, it wasn’t like we’d be spending all our time in the room – it was simply a place to sleep.

Worse case, if I found it all a bit too claustrophobic, I could always put up a picture of a window on the wall, complete with curtains to provide the illusion of a window.

But this turned out not to be necessary.

On boarding the Dawn Princess, I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious, light, and open the room felt, even without a window. There’s plenty of space between the twin beds, the wardrobe is spacious, a desk and drawers provide more than enough room to store our clothing, and the bathroom, while small, is more than functional.


When talking with some of the other passengers, however, it appears not everyone on board was as lucky or as happy with their cabins. Some found that the rooms were much smaller than they anticipated (not all interior rooms, it seems, are the same). Others were unhappy with the location.

So how do you pick the perfect cabin for your cruise?

First, determine the type of cabin you want. Despite the fact that cruise lines advertise as many as 20 categories of cabins, there remain only four basic types to choose from: interior (no window), exterior (porthole or window), balcony, and suite.

And second, figure out where in the ship you want to be positioned. As in real estate, location really is everything and can make the difference between a good and a bad cruise.

To learn more about the importance of cabin location and other important considerations, read this Cruise Critic article on Choosing a Cabin.

(photos: Liz Lewis)

Tags: cabin selection, dawn princess, featuredarticle, world cruise

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