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budget travel — By Abbie Mood on May 25, 2010 at 8:00 am
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Budget Tips for Family Travel

Traveling with children can be expensive.  Theme parks, souvenirs, meals – it all adds up.  Here are a few tips on saving money while traveling with the family.

Plan Ahead of Time

  • Contact the local Tourism Bureau to send you information and potential coupons.  This way you can plan your trip and your budget!
  • Check the internet for deals.  Sites that I love are Kayak .com and Travelzoo, but also check hotel and attractions’ Facebook or Twitter pages for advertised deals.
  • Next time there is a great deal at the grocery store, stock up on bulk items that you can eat during long car/plane rides so you don’t have to stop at a fast food restaurant.

Think Beyond Traditional Hotels

Save money AND have fun!

  • If your family is the outdoorsy type, consider camping.  While camping isn’t always free, it’s much cheaper than a hotel room!  If you are driving to your destination, check a map and find campsites along the way.  If there is camping near your destination, even better!
  • If your family is not into camping, consider a hotel suite or an extended stay hotel with a kitchen.  Buy food at a local grocery store and cook your own meals.

Buy Annual Passes/Memberships

  • Theme Parks – If you would love to visit Disney World/Land more often, but don’t want to pay the admission fee each time, get an annual pass.  Some places, such as Six Flags, will oc occasionally cassinoally offer a “Buy 1 Day, Get the Year Free” pass, which is an amazing deal!
  • National Parks Pass – For just $80 a year, you get admission to all the National Parks in the United States, which regularly cost around $15-20 per day.
  • Museum Memberships – Find a museum that your family/children love and get a membership!  It supports the museum and saves you money!

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