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Kites Starring Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori

The much awaited release of Kites has finally happened. The movie has been shot mainly in Mexico and even has a Mexican lead actress – Barbara Mori Ochoa. The lead actor, Hritik Roshan, has teamed up with his father, Rakesh Roshan, who has produced this movie. The movie will also be dubbed in English for the global audience.

Kites - The Movie

Kites - The Movie

But, what is the big deal about the release of Kites?

Well, for starters the budget is huge (estimated at $20 million dollars). Bollywood movies usually don’t have such a large budget. Kites has a non-Bollywood lead actress. Lastly, in the past whenever this father-son duo has teamed up, the movies have always been blockbusters. Before, you catch it at your local cinema, here is a little about Kites.

About Kites

Essentially Kites is a love story. It’s about a Bollywood dance teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada, who marries a immigrant workers to help them get green cards. This dance teacher is Hrithik in Kites. The dance teacher marries into a rich owner’s family. He sets his eyes on one of the immigrant workers who he helped to get a green card and realizes that he loves her. One night spent together and his life changes forever. He goes through many hurdles, obstacles, barriers, boundaries, cultures just to find his love. The movie has everything from passion to conflict to violence to love. There’s also betrayal lurking in the script.

You can learn more about the movie by going to www.kites-thefilm.com. Hrithik in Kites is a must watch considering he hasn’t released a movie in more than a year.

What: Kites (Movie)

When: Everyday, multiple shows, it should run for at least a couple of weeks

Where: All major cinema halls, such as PVR Cinemas (Connaught Place and Saket) and Satyam Cinemas (in Janak Puri and Nehru Place). You can book online by going to www.pvrcinemas.com

Language: Kites is dubbed in both Hindi (released on 21st May) and English (released on 28th May).

How Much: Tickets start from about Rs. 150

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