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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on May 24, 2010 at 6:52 pm
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Yummy Filipino Dining at Rice Terraces

A new restaurant has opened in Edinburgh, a Filipino restaurant called the Rice Terraces – named after one of the more popular tourist attractions in the Philippines.  The restaurant is a small place, with an entire wall showing the terraces themselves – something kind of like this:

The Venue

So, as I say, the venue is quite small – only about 5 or 6 tables for four.  We arrived quite early on a Saturday evening and I had half expected the place to ourselves, but it quickly filled up in fact.  There’s barely any room for guests to wait for an empty table, so I hope they’ve got a solution for that, especially given the ultra-popular Karen Wong’s is just next door.  Despite the intimate space the atmosphere is pleasant – we didn’t feel like we were sharing our table with the neighbours.

The Food – Yum!

The last time I had Filipino food was in Hong Kong – and it was served by Filipinos.  So Rice Terraces had some high expectations to live up to – and I must say they were well surpassed!  This is evidenced by the fact that over  half of the other diners in the restaurant with us were Filipinos, so obviously these dishes are, if not authentic, at least damn tasty.

Starters range from £3-4 and include options such as a cold chicken and vegetable crepe – it is delicious, and I mention it is cold because it’s meant to be cold, just so you know.  We didn’t, but were pleasantly surprised. :)  Another tasty starter I can personally recommend is the pork spring rolls; there weren’t oily or greasy and served with a sauce that gave quite the kick.

I’ll have to go back to try more entrees – there is a lot of choice, with most entrees running between £5-7.  There is a specials blackboard, though I was slightly confused as all the specials were on the menu (the ‘regular’ menu – the same one you’ll find on the website).  Anyway, I love soy sauce and salty sauces, so I went for the beefsteak tagalog, which is cooked with lime and onion.  Again, I really liked the flavours and the lack of greasiness compared to other similar Asian cuisines.

I also tried a Ginataang Manok – chicken with coconut sauce.  Again, spectacular. I would have liked the sauce to maybe have been a touch thicker, or maybe a hint spicier, but that’s more personal preference.

The final touch of grace that really made my day was the bamboo rice – you must try the bamboo rice.  For one, it comes in this cute little bamboo boat.  But it’s so good – I could have just ate that and still have been quite happy.  It reminded me slightly of fried rice, but much lighter – it has small bits of carrots, beans, and the occasional prawn thrown in for flavour.  Yum yum yum.

Desserts include a few options, such as flan, fruits and ice cream, and a soufflé.  All around £3, and if they taste as good as they look…

The Drinks

Rice Terraces currently does not have a liquor license, so it is BYOB.  No corkage fee, thank goodness, and they’ll bring you proper glasses and all.  This is great, because the Great Grog – one of my favourite wine shops – is just around the corner.  Judging by the coasters, though, they’ll have some Filipino offers, including San Miguel, one of my favourite Asian beers.

There are of course the usual array of soft drinks, teas and coffees.

The Essentials

If you get tired of pies, chips, and haggis, then refresh your palette with something new during your Edinburgh stay.

Address: 93 St. Leonards Street

Website: www.rice-terraces.com

Phone: +44 (0) 131 629 9877

Hours: Tue-Fri 5pm-11pm; Weekends 10am-11pm

Photo by insmu74, Venue Photo

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