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Istanbul’s Fabulous Shopping Malls

Istanbul isn’t only about historical places like the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market or the street market of Arasta bazaar. The city features several modern  shopping malls, most of which are architectural master pieces worth a visit even if the prices of the designer stores to which they are home, may be a bit out of reach for the average travel budget.

Cevahir Mall

It’s really difficult to rank the fabulous malls, but Cevahir Mall (map) in the fashionable Sisli district in ‘new’ Istanbul must be mentioned. Opened in 2005, it’s actually the biggest shopping mall in Europe and the sixth largest in the world!

Cevahir Shopping Mall

The remarkable architecture includes the huge, glass topped atrium and open spaces bordered with cafes and restaurants to restore the spirit and feet after browsing around the many, many shops.

Take the metro from Taksim to Sisli and get of at the Mecidiyekoy stop.

Kanyon Mall

My personal favourite is Kanyon Mall (map) , located in the Levent district because it’s not so huge and I love the concept of creating a soaring but gracious canyon of office towers and shops on four floors. The office tower has 30 floors.

The feel is open and airy, and yes, there is a Harvey Nichols branch! Water runs along the center forming tiny waterfalls and the Coffee House next to it is particularly relaxing.

Kanyon Shopping Mall

Kanyon Mall is equally  easy to reach. Just take the streetcar to Kabatas, then two stops on the funicular to Taksim and from there the metro to Sisli. Get off at the Levant stop and follow the signs directly into the shopping mall.

Akmerkez Mall

This very elegant shopping mall is located in Etiler. The metro doesn’t extend to there, so you might take a taxi from the last stop in Sisli. Etiler is more a business district than a tourist place and the mall offers courtesy transport to guests staying in nearby business hotels. All three malls have won awards for their respective designs.

There are six or seven more malls to choose from, just consult a brochure you can get at any of the many tourist information kiosks scattered all over Istanbul.

Photograph #1 by Babak Ghalziadeh

Photograph #2 authors own.

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