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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on May 19, 2010 at 4:09 pm
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How to Meet More Locals on Your Next Trip

Next time you’re in Edinburgh - or any of our Planeteye destinations, for that matter – and you’re thinking about ways to meet locals, I’ve got a great tip for you.  Yes, there is some serendipity in meeting folks in the local pub or late night on the dance floor, but why not do something a little more exciting?  I’d like to suggest you check out one of the local meetups happening – and there’s a whole site dedicated to them, Meetup.com.

About Meetup

Meetup is a US-based social network which has grown to include cities around the world.  Users can register a profile and then join special interests groups that are organised according to city.  There’s pretty much everything available: wine lovers, coffee klatsches, hiking groups, rowing teams, knitting clubs, or small business/ entrepreneur networking groups.  The reason is that members (you included) can launch a meetup group for any topic you want.  It’s free to join and the monthly fees to organise a group are minimal.

Once you’ve joined a group, you can RSVP to events in any city, whether you’re just visiting or you live there.  You can also join discussions about the group and contribute your ideas to events and itineraries.  Then after you’ve attended an event, you can share feedback and photos about your experience with other members of the group.

Why Meetup is a Great Choice

I think Meetup is a fantastic choice for travellers – here’s why:

  • You can join and attend events wherever you travel – both home and on the road!
  • It’s a safer choice; you’ll be join a group in public, so there’s less risk of running into the bad apple of the bunch.
  • There is a diversity of choice; seriously, whether you’re a walker or a watercolour painter, there is something there for you.
  • It’s like minded people – people who want to meet and great with others.
  • It’s free to join!

Edinburgh Groups

As of this writing, there were 90 meetup groups in and around the Edinburgh area!  That’s incredible, since Edinburgh is on the small size given the world capitals that have meetups on the site.  Here’s a few meetups you might want to consider checking out on your next visit to Auld Reekie:

  • Edinburgh New in Town: With almost 900 members and a calendar stuff full of events, you’ll be sure to meet lots of great local folk and leave the city with heaps of new friends and penpals.
  • The Edinburgh Experience: A group similar to New in Town but somewhat more focused on cocktail nights as well as special event.  Geared to those who are looking to socialise.
  • Edinburgh Walking and Socialising Group:  This group is great to go on walks in and around the city – the group offers walks that can be accessed by public transport, so perfect for visitors.  Interspersed between walks are social events as well, such as pub nights and the like.

Beyond that, there are also groups for horror movie enthusiasts, book groups, motorcycle riders, and artists groups. For meeting people while you’re here in Edinburgh, you’ve got no excuses!

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