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Hawaii — By byun on May 19, 2010 at 6:12 pm
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Honoli’i Beach Park

If you’re on the Big Island and in need of a dose of good Hawaiian style surfing, head to Honoli’i Beach Park near Hilo. It’s pretty much the only break near Hilo that’s consistent nearly every day and – while crowded – it’s good pure fun.

Even if you’re visiting the Big Island for a few days, Honoli’i is not to be missed.  Fortunately located on the eastern shore of the island, it gets straight groundswell from across the Pacific from the south, north and east, which makes it great for surfing almost all the time.  There’s at least a little wave out there every day.

The only way to get to Honoli’i Beach Park is to drive along Hwy 19 and turn toward the ocean on Nahala Street. At that point, you’ll pretty much know where to go, but take a left at the dead end and park, walk your board down the stairs and hop in the water at the rivermouth.

That’s right: rivermouth, which means there are “plenty honu (turtles)” at this break — and you know what that means: a few sharks too, but “no worries”, guys, there are plenty shark all over the islands! :p

At the rivermouth is a little pond for swimming and fishing.  There’s not much of beach in that area, though, as most of the terrain is rocky, so the beach park is mainly dominated by surfers.

There are lots of different breaks at Honoli’i. Usually the biggest is the left that breaks along the cliff, but there are two other peaks with both lefts and rights just a little way along the beach (toward Hilo). This break is pretty crowded all the time, but if you sit on the shoulder you’re sure to get a wave at some point.

If you’re visiting and in need of a board, try to rent from someone who’s selling his board in Hilo on Craigslist. Give him $20 a day and you’ll make his day. You’ll probably need to leave a deposit so he knows you’re for real. The other options for renting are in Hilo town at the two surf shops along Kamehameha Ave.

Photo courtesy of bigisland-bigisland.com

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  • Christina says:

    How utterly gorgeous. We have tons of miles on Alaska Air to use, and I think we’ll have to use them on tickets to Hawaii!

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