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Mexico — By Laura Nazimiec on May 18, 2010 at 2:07 pm
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Running in Tlalpan Park

On any given day you’ll likely find joggers and runners circling the gravel track that winds through Tlalpan Park, locally known as the Bosque de Tlalpan.  Sunday mornings are especially popular when vendor stalls cluster around the park entrance and runners can purchase everything from fresh fruit juices to the latest in running gear while collecting information on upcoming races and events in and around Mexico City.

Bosque de Tlalpan

A typical Sunday morning in Tlalpan Park

Mexico City’s running culture has been growing in recent years and the number of runners in the city is on the rise.  Mexico City hosts frequent road races and runners can find an event to participate in almost every weekend.  The annual Mexico City International Marathon attracts runners from around the world.  Despite the recent increase in the popularity of running among city residents, runners in Mexico City continue to face unique challenges – namely pollution and altitude.

In recent years the city has been working hard to improve air quality and the introduction of stricter emission controls has resulted in air that is far less polluted than it once was.  Mornings are the most popular time to get outside and run as the morning air is cooler and clearer than at other times throughout the day.  Mexico City sits at an elevation of 2,239m (7,347 ft) above sea level and new arrivals to the city may find it takes some time to adjust to the altitude.  Avoiding overexertion and staying hydrated can help to lessen any negative effects.

Tlalpan Park has been called the heart of Mexico City’s running culture and judging from the crowds of runners that show up there each morning these challenges aren’t preventing anyone from getting outdoors and going for a run.  Don’t let a visit to Mexico City interrupt your training schedule.  Tlalpan Park is located south of the Perisur mall in the Tlalpan borough of the city (map).  The park is open from 5:30 am to 5 pm.

Photo Credit: Laura Nazimiec

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