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Disney — By Jenni Ingersoll on May 18, 2010 at 12:28 pm
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Hong Kong Disneyland Offers Braille Nature Walk Guidebook

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is home to millions of trees and shrubs.¬† So many in fact that one-eighth of Hong Kong’s butterfly species find a home there among the 80 types of trees and flowers.

Scattered around the grounds of the Resort, the lush landscape can be seen on the Park  Promenade that connects the hotels of Hong Kong Disneyland (map) and the transportation center and around the waters of Inspiration Lake.  Near Inspiration Lake,  the woodsy Arboretum offers a great family picnic area and nature trails all  in a park-like setting.

With the help of a Nature Walk Guidebook in Braille, visually impaired guests can now enjoy these trails with their families.¬† The guidebook introduces the trees and butterflies that are featured along the Resort’s nature trails.

Guests can feel the different types of trees by touching them as each tree has its own unique feature.  Some of them are smooth and some are rough.  The guidebook even describes some of the trees interesting purposes.  For instance, the Cassia Bark Tree whose bark is powdered into a spice similar to cinnamon.

Through this guidebook, the visibly impaired can experience the beauty of nature, walking in the fresh air and understanding more about the trees.  The flat nature trails of the Resort make it a perfect location for guests with sight challenges.

Opened in September of 2005,  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers the attractions associated with Disney for all families and all ages.  The Braille guidebook breaks down  barriers to allow even more guests to enjoy and appreciate what the park has to offer.

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