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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on May 17, 2010 at 5:13 pm
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Breakfast with a View: Garfunkel’s On the Royal Mile

So, last Friday one of my good friends and I decided to meet up for a mid-morning coffee.  We’d just finished a couple of errands and really only had an hour to spare, so our choice had to be a venue on or near the Royal Mile.  While there’s loads of places I do like, so many breakfast-y places are very touristy.  However, the large sign out front at Garfunkel’s really caught my eye.  They offer a 2 for £10 breakfast deal (which is over 50% off if you choose one of the more expensive choices), so seeing that the place was pretty full, we decided it was a safe bet and went for it.  Our bellies were very satisfied!

About Garfunkel’s

Garfunkel’s is a chain restaurant; it isn’t new to me – I’ve eaten there in London before.  I’m not a huge fan of chains, but I also have no problem with them – they’re predictable, reliable, and you know what to expect.  This Garfunkel’s is pretty small compared to the other’s I’ve seen – downright tiny in fact.  Try to get one of the tables next to the window, because the people watching from here is fantastic.  You can watch the crowds ebb and flow as the New Europe free walking tour comes and goes, and you can also see the caffeine junkies getting their fix just next door at Starbucks.

The Full House

Garfunkel’s runs a short but sweet breakfast menu.  Options include salmon and scrambled eggs, a basic cooked breakfast, or the option that both my friend and I opted for, the full house.  As I mentioned, this is available in the mornings as a 2 for £10, which is very good value considering the full house is regularly £7.95 per person.  I suppose it’s because this is an English-owned company, but the full breakfast here is a full English breakfast, not Scottish. (Translation:  you’ll get sausage, not haggis.)

The breakfast was phenomnal; the beans were fresh, the bacon crisp, and wow – what tasty sausage.  Very nicely sized portion too.  My friend  had one solid egg and I had one runny egg; it would have been nice for them to ask how we’d like it prepared.  My grilled tomato could have used another couple of minutes on the grill.  And not to be picky, but it would have been nice to have gotten some toast as well.  (Though, to be fair, I didn’t finish what I had – it was all so much and so tasty.)   Ooh, I almost forgot – the hash browns.  They were the very crunch kind, and not too greasy, which is nice.

On the day we visited, I dare say we were the only locals.  There were plenty of stag dos in trying to soak up a hangover, and some families obviously gearing up for a day of sightseeing.  But the service was quick and friendly, and our coffees arrived piping hot, as did the entrees, so certainly no complains here.

The Essentials

As I kind of expected, breakfast at Garfunkel’s was a safe but secure choice.  A few minor disappointments, but overall fantastic value for money – especially those looking to eat hearty on a budget.  Just try to grab that window table – fabulous view!

  • Address: 130 High Street
  • Website: www.garfunkels.co.uk
  • Phone: 0131 220 4445
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-10pm; Sun 9:30am-10pm

Photo by marfis75

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