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budget travel — By Abbie Mood on May 14, 2010 at 6:10 pm
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8 Tips for Packing Light

Overpacking is definitely at the top of the list of packing mistakes, so stop wasting your money and traveling time due to your luggage!  Make “packing light” your new packing mantra with the tips listed below!

1. It’s not fun hauling heavy luggage around an airport and town.  If you are traveling with one bag that you will have to carry everywhere, chances are you will consciously pack less stuff.

2. Carrying one lighter weight bag also means you won’t have to pay anyone to carry your luggage through the airport or to your hotel room.

You may have to leave the cat at home!

3. Since you won’t be checking any bags, you won’t have to pay any bag checking fees, and you don’t have to get to the airport as early.  There’s also no chance that your luggage will get lost.

4. Ask yourself, is this something that I need or can I leave it at home?  Can I buy it at my destination?

5. Bring a smaller bag or backpack to carry during day or to put your passport/travel information in for easy access.

6. Pack clothing with fabrics that dry quickly.  This way you can pack some laundry detergent and hand wash your clothing every couple days.

7. If you have a complete guide to an area but only plan on visiting a handful of the destinations, tear out the pages you need and leave the rest of the bulky guide behind!

8. Wear your bulkiest items.  If I want to bring my sneakers, I wear them to the airport.  I also layer my clothing and wear a jacket.  Besides the fact that I usually get cold on the plane, it saves some room in your bag!

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